Community Orchard

Apple juicing day

Apple unknown From Gill’s  Damson Merryweather 1900 England Gp.3 cookPear Jardonelle 1629 August tip Gp.3 no store unknown originApple Scotch Bridget 1850 Scotland spur gp.3 cook storeQuince Serbian Gold spur juice Plum Mirabelle France cook eat
   Plum Victoria 1840 England Sept. Gp.3  X unknown Apple X Apple
Apple Arthur Turner 1900 England Oct. Gp.3 spur cookApple no store Hawthornden 1780 Scotland Sept. gp.3 dualApple Beauty of Moray 1883 Scotland Sept g.3 Spur cook storeApple Tower of Glamis 1800 Scotland Nov. g2 Spur cook storeApple Johnagold USA 1953 triploid
Plum Lizzie July    Plum Old Greengage 1550 France Aug. G.3Apple Adam’s Permain 1826 Gp.3 October
Apple Elstar 1972 Holland gp.3 spur NovApple Monarch 1888 England Gp.3 spur dualApple Bramley 1809 England Nov triploid cookApple Bloody Ploughman 1883 Scotland gp. 4 spur dual store 
Apple James Grieve 1893 Scot Sept. G.3 spur eat storeApple James GrievePlum No nameApple Lord Derby 1850 England Oct. g.4 Spur dual store 
Apple Howgate 1915 Eng.Nov. G.3 spur cook storeApple HowgateApple Ribston Pippin 1700 England Oct. g.3 Spur eat storeApple Ribston Pippin 
Apple Discovery 1949 Eng. Aug. G.3 tip eatApple DiscoveryApple DiscoveryApple Discovery 
Apple Katy 1947 Sweden Aug. G.3 Spur eat no storePlum Czar 1874 EnglandApple Rosemary Russet 1831 England g.3 Spur eat storeApple Blenheim Orange1740 England Oct g.4 Tip dual store 
Apple Early Worcester 1945 Aug. G.4 tip eatApple Fiesta 1972 Eng.Oct g.4 Spur eat storeApple Sunset 1918 Eng.Oct. g.3 Spur eat no storeApple Falstaff 1965 Eng.Oct. g.3 Spur eat storePear Conference 1888 Eng. Oct. g.3 spur/tip
Apple Red g.3 Falstaff 1886 Spur eat storeApple Fortune 1904 Eng. Sept. g.3 spur eat no storeApple Worcester 1874 Eng.Sept G.3 tip eat No storeApple unknownPlum Burnett Rare no info.
Pear Sensation 1900 Australia Aug. G.4 spur  Apple Hood’s Supreme 1924 Edzell Miss BY Hood related Iain DuncanPlum Gordon Castle 1864 Scotland Sept Eat no storeApple unknown From Gill’s 
Top of the chart is north – the orchard runs north to south on a south facing slope.


The bottom of the orchard is much wetter and more poorly drained than the top. Some of the plum trees originally planted towards the bottom died and subsequent planting of plums has been towards the top.

We have several Scottish Heritage varieties of apples and plums which are all doing well. Some, like Bloody Ploughman, are very vigorous with upright growth and need to be pruned/trained carefully in order to control this apical dominance. Our oldest heritage tree dates back to 1629, the Jardonelle pear, of unknown origin.

The apples have many uses. Here is a summary of what we have found over the last few years:

  • The best early eaters according to a Strathkinness children are Katy and Discovery. Other early eaters are James Greives, Early Worcester, Fortune, and Hood’s Supreme.
  • Good late eaters that tend to be the best storing apples are Hawthornden, Beauty of Moray, Elstar, Monarch, Lord Derby, Ribston Pippin, Rosemary Russet, Blenheim Orange, Fiesta, Sunset, and Fortune.
  • Cooking apples are Scotch Bridgett, Arthur Turner, Hawthornden, Beauty of Moray, Tower of Glamis, Bramley’s Seedling,
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