Community Garden and Orchard

In 2010, a small group of villagers started the garden on two acres of land kindly released to us by Gill Edwards. The original purpose of the garden was to turn a wild area into something productive but as the years have passed the garden has developed in a number of surprising and pleasing ways.

Probably the most important benefit for the village is that it has become one of several new meeting places where new friendships have been made linking those who have lived in Strathkinness for many years with newcomers.

The garden built on a sheltered south facing slope provides a pleasant place to garden, walk or sit and this has been particularly true in 2020 when many from the village have found peace and fresh air during their exercise time in lockdown.

The Community Orchard is now ten years old and provides plenty of fruit from fifty trees.

Fruit for eating fresh from the tree or for making into jams, chutneys, apple juice and cider.

We have juicing equipment and hold Apple Days each year that are very popular with villagers.

Community Orchard Notes and Tree chart

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