Registered Charity No. SC048366

Minutes of Annual Members Meeting held in Strathkinness Church Hall.

On  26th October 2016

Trustees Present:- Iain Duncan, [Chair/ Secretary].  Robert Bilson,[ Vice Chair].Jo.Ferrier, [Treasurer]  A.Mudie P.Kushner.

There were 21 members present.

Apologies:- D. & M. Sinclair, Inge Niven, S.Duncan, D.& E. Gilbert. A & E. Brown. M. Overend. H. & B. Lawrie.R. & C. Harris.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved:- proposed by A.Mudie seconded I. Duncan.

Chairman’s Report:- The Chairman welcomed the members to the third annual members meeting. There were 60 paid up members of the Trust at end of March 2016, a slight increase from previous year’s total of 56.  The Village had gained a gold award for the Beautiful Fife Small Village Competition in the summer of 2016 and the Horticultural Achievement Award for the Strathkinness Allotments.  Another outstanding achievement and many thanks were due to everyone who worked so hard with planters and at the Community Garden. The community garden and orchard has been a continuing success story with the 10 allotment holders and the School garden club working hard to achieve horticultural excellence.  Our open Day and produce sales throughout the autumn had raised £347. We had a very successful Apple Day with the juice processing proving to be a big success. We hope to repeat the process next year with an even bigger crop of fruit. Featuring in the Beechgrove Garden Roadshow really put our village on the map and was brilliant recognition for all the efforts made over the past few years to improve the appearance of our village. The producers and presenters of the programme were extremely impressed by the results of your endeavours.

The project to purchase the Millennium Woodland is nearing fruition, at last! A grant of £1000 from Fife Council locality Fund and the generous support of Trust members meant that we had enough funding to buy the woodland, at the agreed price of £500 from Fife Council, and to purchase basic equipment and materials for the project. The legal process continues and, with a fair wind, the matter should be settled by the end of the year.  Tony Wilson, who is steering us through the project, has assisted us with a very successful funding application to St.Andrews Community Trust for  the purchase of equipment to be used by volunteers to work in the woodland. The Trust has advised us this week that they are making a grant of £8700 to our woodland project. Thanks are due to everyone who has supported this venture to retain this historic asset for the community.

Headon Developments continue to progress the Village Green project. The second phase of the grass sowing has been completed and we shall discuss the next tree planting programme with them over the next week or so.   The legal process to take ownership of The Green is ongoing and we have asked Kenny Gray to assist us with the task.

Thanks were due to everyone who has supported the Trust both spiritually and financially during the past year. The trustees are very grateful for that generosity.

 Accounts:-  The treasurer presented the finalised audited accounts for the year ending 31st March 2016. These showed a bank balance of £3124. Expenditure for the previous 12 months had been £561 with income of £3046. The decision to change from buying annual plants to perennials had played a major part in reducing our outgoings and thanks are due to Liz Bilson, Ann Mudie and Brenda Lawrie for their creative and cost saving skills. The Chairman thanked Mrs. Maureen Scott for her assistance in preparing the accounts. It was agreed that Mrs. Scott continue in her role as auditor.

Subscriptions:- The trustees proposed that the annual subscription should remain at £5. The proposal was agreed by the membership.  

Appointment of Trustees:- Jo Ferrier’s term as a trustee had ended by rota. Jo was prepared to continue as a trustee and was duly appointed to serve for a period of 5 years. Proposed by I. Duncan and seconded by Peter Kushner.

Trustees Rota effective from Oct. 2016

Jo. Ferrier- 5 years.

Peter Kushner- 4 years.

Ann Mudie -3 years.

Iain Duncan- 2 years.

Bob Bilson-  1 years.


Community Garden:- Extra rabbit proofing work to be carried out to protect the allotments.

Magus Woods:- It is hoped to establish a volunteer group , working under the direction of Tony Wilson . The Trustees have appointed Peter Kushner as Woodland Convenor.

Village Green:-  The trustees are awaiting final costs from Messrs. Headon regarding the cost and practicalities of establishing an electrical power point on the Green. Initial inquiries would indicate that the cost could be too high for the Trust to consider it a feasible project.

Floral Displays:- a Working Group of Liz Bilson Ann. Mudie, Brenda Lawrie and Merce Torres are looking to devise an “adopt a planter” project, which would see villagers plant and maintain designated planters throughout the village. Anyone interested in participating should contact any of the team.

The Chairman thanked all who attended and expressed the appreciation of the trustees for the interest and support of the membership during the year.