[Registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation- No:-SCO43866]

Reg. Office:- 6. Mount Melville Crescent, Strathkinness, St. Andrews, Fife. KY16 9XS


Dear Member,

Two issues were discussed at some length at The Annual Member’s Meeting last night and the Trustees felt that as many members as possible should have an opportunity to consider the implications of the Trust’s involvement. We would welcome any comment you have to make on the following topics:-

1]- The Public Open Space at The Glebe:-  One of the primary reasons for establishing the Community Trust was to take ownership and management of the public open space on behalf of the community. Headon Developments have several options for the site. They could have passed ownership to Fife Council or to Greentree, a Charitable organisation based in Glasgow, or their preferred option, to pass ownership to the Community Trust along with a lump sum perpetuity payment.  The standard calculation for the lump sum payment, in similar circumstances, has been confirmed by Fife Council as being 20 times the current annual maintenance cost. We have received 2 quotations of £1200 per annum to provide the grass cutting and multiplying this amount by 20 gives a lump sum total of £24000. Headon Developments has offered the Community Trust a sum of £25000. Ownership of the site would only be confirmed when the site is completed to the satisfaction of the Trust. The Trustees are keen to see that control of the site remains within the community as opposed to an outside organisation.

2]- Millennium Woodland, Magus Muir:-  Fife Council created the Millennium Woodland in 2000 with the aid of Lottery Funding. They have now decided that the site is surplus to their requirements. As original stakeholders in the project Strathkinness Community Council was anxious to retain the woodland as a community asset, it’s original purpose, and not have it sold off to commercial interests with a likely loss of access and habitat. They canvassed Fife Council with a Management Report, sponsored by the Forestry Commission and prepared by Tony Wilson Countryside Services, to consider handing over the site to the local community.  The District Valuer placed a value of £20,000 on the site and Fife Council has now offered to sell the woodland to the community for £500. Fife Council considers that the figure of £500 reflects the commitment required from the community to take on the ownership and management of the woodland. Fife Council would be obliged to repay the original lottery support, believed to be £15000, if they sell the site to a commercial interest.  The Community Council consider that the Community Trust would the best vehicle for handling the transaction, as the Trust has better access to the funding sources that would assist in the long term future of the woodland. The Trustees are confident that the £500 can be sourced without affecting the Trust’s existing funds and that it would be an excellent opportunity to retain this valuable environmental asset within the control of the local community.

The Trustees would welcome any comments that you have on these subjects to assist them in their decision making process and look forward to your earliest response.


Trustees:- Bob Bilson, Iain Duncan, Jo.Ferrier, Peter Kushner & Ann Mudie.