[Registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation- No:-SCO43866]

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KY16 9XS


Dear Member,

A Happy New Year to you all. Spring is just around the corner so it’s time to put our planning caps on for the season ahead!!

FRUIT TREE PRUNING-  We are holding our annual fruit tree pruning exercise at the Jubilee Orchard on Sunday 29th January 2017 at 10 am.  Bob Bilson will be directing operations and if you are interested in getting advice on tree pruning or just helping please bring a pair of secateurs and we shall find you something useful to do.

BEECHGROVE GARDEN VISIT-  We received a very kind thank you letter from the producers of the TV programme. They were very appreciative of all the help they received whilst producing the programme, which the BBC deemed to be very successful. They have given us a generous donation of £100 towards our funds and they should be back filming in the village later this year.

BISHOP’S WOOD, MAGUS.- We are planning to have an Open Day for volunteers towards the end of February. Peter Kushner, our Woodland Convenor, and Tony Wilson, our Woodland Advisor, are currently planning some projects for the volunteer group and we shall be in touch with you to finalise date and time.

VILLAGE GREEN- We are currently discussing the next stage of the tree planting with Messrs. Headon. They would hope to have that completed by early spring.

FLORAL DISPLAYS- Several of you have responded positively to our request to adopt a planter for this year. This is very encouraging and we hope that anyone interested in the project will contact Liz Bilson on 850196.

COMMUNITY  GARDEN-  All our allotments are currently allocated for this year. The Garden Club meets every Sunday at 9am. If you want any gardening advice we are only too happy to help if we can.

Best regards from your Trustees.

Bob Bilson.

Iain Duncan.

Jo Ferrier.

Peter Kushner.

Ann Mudie.