[Registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation- No:-SCO43866]

6.Mount Melville Crescent,




KY16 9XS

July 2017.

Dear Member,

Just a reminder that judging for the Best Kept village competition takes place on Thursday 20th July at 11am.  A special thanks to all who have adopted tubs. We are very grateful for your efforts and we have a real diversity of foliage and flowers, which should impress the judges. Should you be going off on holiday, please contact any of us and we can arrange back up watering to keep the tubs in prime condition.  Thanks to those of you who have been litter picking during the past week and, if anyone is out for a walk, feel free to take a sack with you and pick up any litter within the village. We shall be doing a final litter pick in the village on the afternoon of the 19th. Do take time to look at the wild flowers in Bonfield Play Field. They are truly spectacular and the bees must think they are in heaven!!

Bob and Liz Bilson have recently been assisting the St.Andrews Preservation Trust in the creation of the new garden at the Museum in North Street. The Preservation Trust has generously donated £50 to our funds in appreciation of the work done by Bob and Liz. The new garden is well worth a visit. A special thanks to Bob and Liz for their efforts.

Bob is holding a plum tree pruning master class between 10am and 12noon on Saturday 15th July in the old St.Leonards Orchard off Abbey Street. The exercise is part of the University Transitions Skillshare scheme and is open to anyone interested.  Just bring your loppers and pruning tools along and improve your pruning skills.

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION:- Members are reminded that the £5 Annual subscription is now due.

Best regards from your Trustees.

Bob Bilson.

Iain Duncan.

Jo Ferrier.

Peter Kushner.

Ann Mudie.