Strathkinness Community Council



Recycling bins for glass are kept in the car park area at the playing fields on the High Road at the West end outskirts of the village. See the map below. Other household disposals are cleared as follows.

Blue Bins for Waste-That-Cannot-Be-Re-Cycled will be emptied every other week on the same day as the Brown Bins for Green Garden Waste. Food waste is now to be added to the big Brown Bin via the small Brown Bin using the bio-degradeable liners which are supplied to each household on a regular basis. Blue Bin Waste is officially known as Residual Waste.  Black Bins (aka Grey Bins) for Paper and Cardboard will now be collected on a four week cycle on weeks in between the Blue/Brown collections. The Green Bins for plastic bottles and metal cans will also be collected on a four week cycle, alternating with the Black Bins. Currently Fridays are Bin days. Dates for the various collections according to Postcode are available at & Waste

The re-cycling centre for all other items is at Largo Road, St Andrews to the South of Morrison’s Supermarket. Opening Times &c can be obtained by clicking here.