Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 12th February 2020 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:  Mrs. L.Walker [Chair] , J Houston. Messrs. R. Baxter I. Duncan,& K.Topping.  Fife Councillors Jane Ann Liston, Brian Thomson  & Ann Verner.

Apologies: Cllr. D. Nolan. Mrs. L. Meyer, S. Crumplin, P. Blake –Johnston. Messrs. A. Oxley & M.McLaren.

Minutes of last meeting:- Read and approved. Proposed.- J. Houston , seconded –R. Baxter.

Matters Arising:-

Kincaple traffic survey:- Mr. Topping had reported that he had received 22 responses, to the 39 questionnaires  issued, to date. He was checking the remaining residents for any further responses and he would compile the results for the next meeting.

Village Notice Board:- Secretary reported that several quotations had been obtained, for a variety of styles of both wood and metal construction, these ranged from £1500 to £3000. Mrs. Walker was awaiting a further quotation before the next meeting.

Community Council Boundaries:- The Secretary reported that Callum MacLeod, Chairman of St.Andrews Community Council, had intimated that there had been a proposal to alter the boundary between Strathkinness and St.Andrews. Mrs. Walker would contact Mr. MacLeod for more information on the proposal.

Standing Items:-

Treasurer’ Report:- No change from last month and  balance remains at £1026.

Police Report:-  The monthly report from the Community Police Officers stated that they had carried out several speed checks in Main Street and the High Road  in January. No tickets were issued but several drivers were warned. They attended The Primary School twice during January and had occasion to issue several warnings for unsafe parking on the white zig-zag lines. Parents are reminded that parking on white zig-zags can incur a £100 fine and 3 penalty points. A Coffee with Cops event will take place at Morrison’s Café on Saturday 29th February. This is opportunity to engage with your Community Officers and discuss any issues. Mrs. Houston wondered if any progress had been made on the proposal to make use of the “pop-up” bairns. The Secretary would contact the Officers for an update.

Village Infrastructure:- The Secretary reported that extensive resurfacing work had been recently carried out in Mount Melville Crescent and at the Lower Crossroads. It was noted that ditching work was progressing on the B939 Low road between Pitscottie and St.Andrews. It was hoped that this would improve the numerous flooding issues on that section of highway. Councillor Liston reported that she was still trying to arrange a site meeting at the Lower Crossroads with the Roads Dept.

Traffic and Transportation:- No issues reported.

Planning applications:- The detailed application by Springfield Homes to develop the site between Bonfield Road and the High Road was discussed at considerable length by the Council and the members of the public in attendance. It was noted that over 25 objections had been lodged with Fife Council. The Community Council, as a statutory consultee, would submit a response containing the decisions made at this meeting. The elected Fife Councillors in attendance, did not take part in any of the discussion. The Council agreed to submit a response objecting to the density of the housing. The developers are proposing to compress the number of houses i.e. 65, into two thirds of the site, leaving no provision for green space within the complex. The original application by Avant Homes was granted permission for 66 homes, reduced from the 77 applied for, on the total site. Springfield would hope to construct a further 14 homes in the final third of the site, bringing the total up to 79 properties. The Council objects to the 2 storey design of the Fife Council affordable homes specified for construction adjacent to, and overlooking, the bungalows from 12 to 22 Bonfield Road. The Council seeks a redesign and repositioning of the units in the area surrounding the existing bungalows. The Council objects to the through road from Bonfield Park into the new site. All recent developments in the village have been of a cul de sac type, giving a safer environment. The Council suggest that the route through Bonfield Park should terminate at the west end of the proposed Fife Council affordable homes. The Council objects to the 3 metre wide cycle path exit from the new development site onto Bonfield Road. This unadopted single track road has no pavement to allow safe passage of pedestrians and young cyclists. All cycle and pedestrian exits should be directed towards paved routes within the development. The Council objects to the Developer’s interpretation of the School Roll limit. The original application in 2015 was based on a 95 pupil limit. This has subsequently been reduced by the Education Dept. to 75. With 24 of the affordable homes designed to be 3 or 4 bedroom family units, the Council contests the Developer’s proposal to continue using the 95 pupil limit. The Council objects that the Developer has not been consistent in interpreting the condition of a 10 metre “no-build” zone from the tree line around the site perimeter. This is particularly evident on the southern perimeter along Bonfield Road. The Council has serious concerns regarding the dispersal of surface water from the new development. Residents in Bonfield Road have experienced numerous flooding incidents over the years, as the current system struggles to cope with heavy deluges. The Developer has proposed an extensive SUDS system which overflows into a small unmaintained ditch running along the southern perimeter of the site. No contingency has been outlined for the increase in surface water from the large playing field, should it be drained as part of the play strategy proposed by the Developer. Properties 12 to 22 Bonfield Road have all experienced surface water flooding problems as they back on to the recreation area.  Other properties in the vicinity have also experienced similar issues. Much of the route of the current surface water disposal from the location is through an un-adopted system. The Council considers that the proposed road improvements in the village would be the minimum requirement, particularly at the upper cross-roads. The sight lines at the junction would require significant improvement for the anticipated increase in traffic. The Councils feels that significant effort and time was invested in the consultation period for the original application 15/04130/PPP. The eventual planning approval for the 66 houses on the whole site, whilst not the perfect solution for everyone, was accepted in general. The Council cannot support the effort of the current Developer to compress 65 houses into two thirds of the site, with the potential to build a further 14 homes on the remainder of the site. This would take to total housing to 79 , which is in excess of the original Avant application, and would put the village infrastructure under more pressure.The Council considers that there is no case to alter the original decision to build a total of 66 houses on the whole site. The Council thanked the residents who had participated in the consultation process.

Correspondence:- Mr. John Robertson, who recently resided in the Old Schoolhouse, had forwarded details of a major art work completed by his son in law , Robert Jackson, as a commission for the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Mr. Jackson had painted the picture, some 4 metres by 2 metres, whilst living in Strathkinness. It now hangs in the College Gallery in Dublin. The Secretary  had thanked Mr. Robertson for his interesting contribution to village history.


Village Fun Day:-  Mrs. Sandi McGregor, Chair of Strathkinness Playgroup, addressed the Council on the proposed Village Fun Day, to be held next August. The Playgroup had run the successful fundraising event for several years and was proposing to enlarge the event to involve all village organisations, who could benefit from any funds raised.  They hoped to form a steering group to take the event to the next stage and sought the support of the Council. They are to convene a meeting on 26th February at 7.30pm in The Tavern. Thanking Mrs. McGregor for her presentation Mrs. Walker confirmed the Council’s support for the venture and would ensure that a Council representative would take part in the initiative.

Bishop’s Wood footpaths:- Mr. Topping highlighted the damage that recent heavy rains had caused to sections of the footpaths in the woods. The Secretary reported that the Community Trust were aware of the situation and was making efforts to raise funding to repair the damage. Fife Councillor Ann Verner suggested that it might be useful to contact the Community Payback Scheme to see what assistance they might provide.

Athletic success:- The Secretary reported that villager Heather Anderson had recently won the Scottish Veterans Cross Country woman’s championship. Councillors expressed their congratulations on her success..

Next meeting Wednesday 11th March 2020.