Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 11th September at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:  Mrs L.Walker [ Chair].Jane Houston, Liz. Meyer, Sally Crumplin.  Messrs, Robin Baxter, Iain Duncan, & Ken.Topping. Fife Councillors Jane Ann Liston, Ann Verner & Brian Thomson.

Apologies:. Mrs. Pauline Blake-Johnston. Messrs. Andrew Oxley and Mike McLaren.

Minutes of last meeting:- Read and approved.

Matters Arising:-

New Play Park Project:- Fiona Oxley from the Project Committee had forwarded a detailed update of the project. A recent meeting had been held to revise the plan for the park. Revision D was available on the Park Facebook Page and details would be sent out in a information leaflet to all households in the village. Fund raising was making steady progress with more than 50% of the funds for phase 1 being secured, subject to a total of £112,000 being reached. The group are actively searching and applying for funding opportunities. A Race Night had been organised for 28th September in the Village Hall and it hoped that the community would show their support by participating in the event. Mrs. Oxley also highlighted the support that the group was receiving from Fife Council and local Councillor Ann Verner. The Community Council minuted their appreciation of the update from the Group.

Bus Timetable:- It was noted that since the last meeting a frequent Route 42 service to and from Dundee had been introduced by Stagecoach. The Community Councillors welcomed this useful improvement to the rural bus service.

Out of Hours Care Service:- The Secretary reported that while significant progress had been made during the summer on the re-establishing an Out of Hours Service at the St.Andrews Hospital, there now appears to be a lack of certainty in how effective the new proposal would be.  A letter from the campaigners had been circulated to the Councillors and they await further information over the next few weeks.

Beautiful Fife Judging:- The Secretary reported that the village had won a Gold Award in the competition. It was the Seventh consecutive Gold Award. The judges had been very impressed by the evidence of good community spirit and the knowledge and enthusiasm of the primary school children who assisted during the judging. The Councillors expressed their appreciation of the success of the Community Trust in the competition.

Crossing in Main Street:- Councillor Verner was not aware if the crossing controls had been checked out. She would pursue the matter with the Roads Dept.

Village Fun Day:- The Council had been asked in June to consider a proposal by the Village Playgroup of having an Annual Village Fun Day to raise funds for all the village organisations. It had been hoped that a representative from the group would be available to expand on the idea. Unfortunately the representative had to call off at the last minute. The Council discussed the matter and was of the opinion that the idea of a Village Fun Day was fine in principal, but the process of allocating the funds might prove contentious. It might be a better idea to hold the event dedicated to one particular organisation each year. More information from the Playgroup would be helpful.

Treasurer’s Report:- Mrs. Houston reported that all funds had now been returned to the bank account from Fife Council. The current balance was £1599.54.

Policing:- No report this month from the Community Police Officers. Mr. Topping reported that the speed watch group, which now had 5 volunteers, had been operated at least 4 times during the summer. Mrs. Walker wondered if there was a chance that the group could increase the frequency of their activities. Mr. Topping said that trying to co-ordinate the availability of the volunteers and the equipment and the line of communication to the Police meant that it was sometimes difficult to plan ahead. The programme would have to stop when the clocks change at the end of October.

 Councillors expressed concern that there had been 4 road accidents at the Lower Cross roads in recent weeks. Fife Councillor Thomson had raised the matter with the Fife Council Traffic Safety Officials and was surprised to be told that they had no record of any recent accidents. The Community Council was to seek clarity on the methodology used by the Fire Service, Ambulance and Police to record accident statistics.

Planning:- During the recess the following planning applications and decisions had  been listed:

Single storey extension at 12 Main Street. Application permitted with conditions.

Erection of dwelling house, The Poffle, Sunnyside. Application refused.

Erection of dwelling house. Nether Strathkinness. Application permitted with conditions.

Erection of single storey extension. Wester Kincaple Farm. Application permitted with conditions.

Installation of dormer at rear of dwelling house at 38 Main Street- submitted

Erection of 19 holiday lodges and infrastructure at Knockhill, Nydie. Permitted with conditions.

Alterations to 6 holiday units at Kincaple Chalets. Submitted.

Conditional approval and legal agreement for residential development including affordable housing with associated landscaping, access and associated engineering and infrastructure work had been granted for the site adjacent to Bonfield Playing Field on High Road.

Village infrastructure:- Mrs Walker raised the issue of the water seepage in the middle of the road opposite Kincaple Farm. The road constantly breaks up and any repairs are very ineffective. Previous alerts to the Roads Dept. had been unsuccessful. The elected Councillors will try again to have the matter investigated.

 Verge cutting at the lower Cross roads needs to be improved to allow better visibility for drivers crossing the B939. Roads Dept. to be contacted. Mrs. Walker highlighted the precarious state of some of the trees on the north side of Bonfield Road and wondered what action might be taken to remove the hazard. As some of them are on the ground designated for the new housing development she felt that the developer should be made aware of the problem. The Secretary would contact the developer for further information.

 Mr. Topping reported that recent works by Openreach had led to a significant improvement in broadband availability in Kincaple.

The Secretary reported that he had been on touch with Fife Council concerning the weedkilling programme carried out on the village pavements. It now appears that, due to financial constraints, the process will only be carried out once a year.

The issue of a Cycle/footpath between Strathkinness and St.Andrews was discussed again. The elected Councillors are continuing to lobby for the project to be brought forward as the building of the new school progresses. Unfortunately a funding application from Sustrans had been unsuccessful but the Councillors will continue to press for action.

Mr. Elliot, Danskin Place, asked the Community Council to seek assurances that the existing sewerage system would be able to cope with the increased housing planned for Bonfield. This was in light of the difficulties that householders had experienced in Danskin Place recently. The Council would await the detailed planning application.

Traffic and transportation:- It was noted that parking outside the school continues to be a safety issue with cars being parked close to the pedestrian crossing, making it unsafe for drivers and pedestrians. Sally Crumplin said that she would  raise the matter at the Parents School Council along with Mrs Walker’s suggestion that the provision of “pop up bairns” might improve road safety in the vicinity of the school. Mrs. Meyer raised her concerns about children on scooters on the roadway at The Glebe. She felt it was particularly hazardous for cars turning in off Main Street into The Glebe.

Mr. Elliot , Danskin Place, wondered if some indicative signage could be provided at the junction of Danskin Place and Main Street. Drivers exiting onto Main Street have to drive out quite far onto Main Street to observe southbound traffic. It was suggested that a visibility mirror mounted near the exit might improve the situation.

Correspondence:- A letter from Springfield Properties, the developers of the Bonfield Housing Project had been received. They wished to ascertain the Community Council view on the use of any developer’s contribution incurred during the planning process.  The Community Council view, when the outline planning application was being considered in 2015, was that improvements to the existing Bonfield Playing Field should be an integral part of any development in the vicinity. That remains the Council’s view on the matter.  The area was never drained during construction and for much of the year remains unusable as a recreational facility, because of the poor ground conditions. The proposed development will increase the village housing stock by around 20% and any spend should be directed to providing suitable recreational space for the residents in that vicinity and for the community at large.

Mrs. Slack had contacted the Council to highlight an issue with the two fossilised trees in the garden of Fossil House, Main Street.  One of the fossils is damaged and Mrs Slack wondered if, due to the historical significance of the fossils, the Community Council might be able to contribute towards any cost incurred by the householders in repairing the fossil. The Secretary was to contact the householders to get more information on the matter.


Mrs. Walker noted that Mrs. Liz. Bilson was giving up her role as floral display coordinator for the Community Trust. Mrs. Walker expressed the gratitude of the Community Council for the hard work that Liz and her volunteers had done over the years to improve the appearance of the village. The Secretary would write and thank Liz for her efforts.

The Secretary reported that the Community Trust Apple Day would be held at the Orchard on Sunday 6th October at 2pm. Anyone with apples for juicing will be welcome to bring them along.

The Secretary reported that two long time village residents had recently passed away. Janice Balfour, Sunnyside and Bob Smart , Drumcarrow Crescent , will be greatly missed by their surviving family and friends.

Next meeting:- 9th October 2019