Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 12th June 2019 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present: Fife Councillors. Jane Ann Liston, and Ann Verner. Mrs. Pauline Blake-Johnston, Jane Houston, Liz. Meyer, Lynn Walker. Messrs, Robin Baxter, Iain Duncan, Mike McLaren & Ken.Topping.

Apologies:. Fife Cllrs. D. Nolan and B.Thomson. Mr. A. Oxley.

Minutes of last meeting:- Read and approved.

Matters Arising:-

New Play Park Project:- Karen Spencer, representing the Project Committee, updated the Council on some of the points raised at last month’s meeting. The total cost of the project is £164,000 all of which will have to be raised by the Project Committee. Fife Council will provide no funding for the project, but will oversee the tendering and construction process and provide all the maintenance and upkeep of the site once completed. It is envisaged that construction will be in three phases. Phase 1 will be the paths and the main play area. This is estimated to cost around £112,000 and the Project Committee are confident that with grant aid and other funding they will have raised over half of that total in the near future. They are actively pursuing several funding sources which should get positive results in the months ahead. Phase 2 will be the Toddler section and the final phase will be the construction of the Trim Trail. The project will take some time to come to fruition but the Project Group are committed to establishing the facility as soon as possible and would look to the local community for support in achieving this significant community asset. Councillors thanked Karen for her detailed progress report.

Bus Timetable:- Councillor Liston had reported the matter and Mrs. Meyer confirmed that the new timetables had been installed.

Out of Hours Care Service:- The Secretary reported that there had been no progress on the matter to date . A meeting of the St.Andrews Action Group was being held tonight and it was hoped that more information would be announced. Mrs. Walker intimated that she would represent Strathkinness at the meeting of the Integration Joint Board in Glenrothes at 10am on 21st June.

Treasurer’s Report:- Mrs. Houston reported that the new bank account had been opened. She had made application for the Fife Council Grant and the restoration of the funds from the old account.

Policing:- No report this month from the Community Police Officers. Mr. Topping reported that there had been no Speedwatch activity last month as the equipment was being serviced. The group hoped to operative in the next few weeks.

Planning:- It was noted that the application for an extension at 1 Bonfield Road had been withdrawn and applications for extensions at Dewars Mill and The Paddock, Sunnyside had been granted. An application had been submitted for an external flue at 5 Younger Place. Mr. Brian Taylor, from the floor, reported that the application for the erection of a house at The Poffle had been refused on the grounds of housing density and road safety.

Village infrastructure:- Mrs.Spencer, from the floor, expressed concern that the switches at the pedestrian crossing at the Village Hall were not operating correctly. The elected Councillors would look into the matter. Mr. McLaren raised the issue of the long grass on the roadside verges., particularly at the road junctions. The Secretary would report the matter to the Roads Dept..

Correspondence:- A letter from Victoria Austin, Chair of Strathkinness Playgroup, outlining a proposal to create a community organised Village Funday, and inviting all of the community groups and committees to become involved in raising funds for their causes. After considerable discussion it was agreed that the Community Councillors would consider the proposal during the summer break and ask Victoria to attend the September meeting, along with other group representatives, to discuss how the proposal could be implemented.


Dog Fouling:- Mr. Topping reported on the significant increase in dog-fouling at Bishop’s Wood and in the village. Councillors agreed that the situation was far from satisfactory and the matter should be highlighted to the dog- wardens. More signage and reporting of incidents might assist the issue.

Grass disposal;- Mrs. Walker reported that grass clippings were being dumped in the Kinness Burn and was concerned about the impact this would have on the stream. Mrs. Walker hoped that the residents concerned would take a more responsible attitude to the disposal of their garden waste and grass strimmings throughout the village.

Car Parking:- Mr. Topping expressed his concerns about the car parking at the Little Beehive Nursery in Lower Main Street . Despite advice from the nursery operators, parents are still decanting their children on the traffic side of the car, increasing the risk factor considerably. He also highlighted the fact that parents delivering and collecting children at the Primary school regularly park illegally on the double yellow lines and pedestrian crossing zig-zag markings . This is despite visits from the Community Police officers and he urged the parents concerned to park legally for the benefit of all drivers and pedestrians. It was noted that the School staff has no responsibility in the matter.

Beautiful Fife 2019 judging:- The Secretary reported that judging for the Beautiful Fife Small Village competition for 2019 takes place on 24th July at 11am.

Next meeting:-11th September 2019