Minutes of Inaugural Meeting held on Wed. 10th April 2019 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present: Fife Councillors. Jane Ann Liston, Brian Thomson and Ann Verner. Mrs. Sally Crumplin, Jane Houston, Liz. Meyer, Lynn Walker. Messrs, Iain Duncan, Mike Mclaren, K.Topping.

Apologies:. Fife Cllr. D. Nolan. Messrs. R. Baxter, A. Oxley. Mrs. Pauline Blake –Johnston.

Councillor Verner convened the meeting and welcomed the new Councillors to the 14th Strathkinness Community Council. The following officials were duly proposed and seconded :-

Chair. Lynn Walker.

Vice Chair:- Robin Baxter.

Secretary:-Iain Duncan.

Treasurer:- Jane Houston.

Matters discussed:-

Speedwatch:- K.Topping advised Councillors that the local Speedwatch group had been operating in the village and had noted 22 incidents of vehicles speeding through the village in excess of 26mph. Details of the vehicles concerned had been passed to the local police co-ordinator for further action. The Group was currently recruiting new volunteers for training. Mr. Topping also reported that he had been approached by St.Andrews Community Council to give them advice on the formation of a Speedwatch group in St.Andrews, particularly relative to Buchanan Gardens and Strathkinness Low Road.

Planning:- Councilllor Thomson advised members that an new planning application in respect of the Bonfield Park housing project was currently being prepared and was expected to be submitted for approval in August. The developer, Springfield Homes, are proposing to build 35 private houses and 30 affordable homes.

Mr. Brian Taylor, from the floor, raised the issue of an application that had been submitted some months ago for the erection of a house in The Poffle. This application had been submitted whilst the Community Council had been inoperative, and he sought the views of the Council on the application. 12 objections to the plan had been lodged and Councillors were urged to study the recently amended  application and have until April 25th to lodge any objection.

Planning applications in respect of an extension to No.1 Bonfield Road, an extension to No.2 Glebe Row, alterations to 6 Dewars Mill and the demolition and erection of a new dwelling at West Third, Kincaple were noted.

New Playpark project:- Councillor Verner advised members that a meeting of the Steering Group was due to be held Wed. 24th April at The Tavern, where further details of the project would be discussed.

Flooding on Low road:- Councillors Thomson and Verner reported that further investigation was required by the Roads Dept. to see what could be done to improve the flooding on the low road , particularly in the vicinity of Nether Strathkinness. Mr. McLaren highlighted several accidents which had occurred at the location and resulting in significant damage and injury.

Kincaple Broadband:- Mr. Topping raised the issue of poor broadband availability in Kincaple and sought the assistance of the Fife Councillors to see what was being done to improve the situation. Councillor Liston said she would seek an update and report back.

Double Yellow Lines at Main Street/Sunnyside junction:- Councillor Verner was to check out why the proposed work at the junction had not yet been carried out.

Community Garden & Orchard:- The Secretary reported that the garden in Bonfield Road, would be participating in the Scotland’s Garden Scheme, Fife Spring Trail between 2 and 4pm on the Tuesday 16th,23rd and 30th April.

Next meeting:-  8th May 2019.