Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Wed. 13th June 2018 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present: Mrs.A.Annandale [Chair], P.Blake-Johnston & J. Houston & B.Lawrie. Messrs. I.Duncan & K.Topping, Fife Councillors-JA Liston, B. Thomson &  A.Verner . PC. Robert Crawford.

Apologies: PC J. Peddie, Messrs. R. Baxter, S.Younger and Mrs. L.Walker. Fife Cllr. D. Nolan.

Chairman’s Report- Mr. Baxter had prepared a short report which was read to the meeting by Mrs. Annandale:-Mr. Baxter said “ It had been a difficult year with one or two notable exceptions. The growth of the Beaver Scout Colony and the emerging Cub Pack are encouraging signs that the youngsters of the village are keen to take part in the social scene Strathkinness offers. The Community Trust has maintained its high level of performance by again winning a gold award in the Beautiful Fife Competition. Ownership of the Village Green has finally passed over to the Community Trust and, along with the Bishop’s Wood, consideration may well have to be given to the responsibility of providing a protected future for these village assets. I think we continue to tinker with the issues of traffic management, pedestrian access to the village and cycle tracks, mainly through funding shortages, although there are plenty of examples of other communities making headway in similar areas. Getting a group together to explore all the aspects of a cycle path to St.Andrews might be more effective than expecting the Community Council alone to push that project. Students living in the village and cyclists currently using the High Road could well provide additional energy and knowledge to any proposal. I would summarise my aspirations as;-

Foot/cycle path to St. Andrews.

Control of the speed of traffic through the village, even extending the sensible use of a pop-up Bob.

More effectively integrate newcomers to the community.

To have more say on how the village will mature and be maintained over the next 50 years. We need to have much more involvement in the longer term plan and vision of what Strathkinness should look like.

My concerns are:-

Lack of interest in the Community Council

Perception that lack of funds controls the pace of remedial work and improvements to village infrastructure.

Providing safe and sensible parking for vehicles.

In closing I would consider our long term responsibilities are to find a way to engage meaningfully with local government, and develop a sustainable plan for Strathkinness”

Treasurer’s Report:- Mrs. Walker had prepared the annual accounts to year end 31st March 2018. These had been audited by Mrs. Maureen Scott and showed a bank balance of £2868.72p. This included a sum of a sum of £2240 for marquees which had been purchased after the end of the financial year. The active bank funds were now £628.72. Mrs.Annandale proposed the adoption of the accounts and this was seconded by Mrs. Houston.

Election of officials:- The Secretary proposed that as the current Council was to cease, prior to  the Community Council elections in October the existing officials should remain in office until the dissolution of the Council. The proposal was seconded by Mrs. Lawrie and unanimously approved by the Council.

Minutes of the last monthly meeting:- Approved by Mrs. Blake-Johnston and seconded by Mrs. Houston.

Matters arising:-

Community Website-  K. Topping confirmed that the Community Facebook page had now been updated to allow easier access.

.Phone box:- The Secretary reported that Councilor Verner had officially opened the mini art gallery  created in the Phone Box in Sunnyside on 31st May. It will be known as Gallery 201. 201 being the old phone number for the phone box.  The project had been created by Mrs Lada Wilson and featured the work of Perth based artist Matt. Dugard. Mrs. Wilson intends to arrange further exhibitions every 40 days or so.

School Fete:- The Secretary reported that the School Parent’s Council Fete had been held in the School and on the Village Green on the 27th May and appeared to have been well attended and successful.

Standing Items:

Police Report:-  PC Crawford apologised for not having the full statistical report for the Village available but he would forward this to the Secretary when he returned to the office. There had been no significant incidents during the last month. Speeding vehicles in the village continued to be a source of concern and the use of Pop-UP Bob would continue, along with normal patrolling. A scheme to appoint Junior Road Safety Officers within the village school is being considered. The Community Police Officers had recently attended the school to provide advice on safe cycling. The Cycle Proficiency scheme was no longer operative but the officers are happy to assist the school with road safety matters. It was noted that the parking issue at Kincaple Loan had been resolved, as the property was currently empty. The issue would be monitored if circumstances changed. PC Crawford reminded villagers to be aware of the various scams by bogus workmen and internet hackers. He also asked for any incidents of anti-social behaviour to be reported as soon as possible.

Planning Applications:- An application for the erection of a single storey extension to the rear of The Paddock, Sunnyside was noted. No objections were noted

Village Infrastructure:-  Councillor B. Thomson reported that Fife Council was in the process of adopting the roadway, parking spaces and pavements at The Glebe and Main Street. The Council was also organising for the grass verges to be maintained. Mrs. Annandale raised concerns about the overgrown hedge on the boundary of the small play park at Bonfield Park. The elected Councillors would see what could be done. Councillor Thomson also intimated that the proposed parking restrictions at the junction of Sunnyside and Pettycruick were due to be discussed at the Area Council meeting in September. Objections had been noted.

Traffic and Transportation: It was noted that Sunnyside, at the junction of Main Street, would be closed to vehicular traffic from 0700hrs to 1900hrs on Sunday 1st July to allow BT upgrade works to be carried out. It was noted that this was a bus route and no plans for rerouting the buses had been forthcoming.

Communications with Village Organisations:- Mrs. Lawrie reported that the Village Hall Committee was setting up a monthly prize draw to raise funds for hall maintenance. Forms to join the scheme are available from Hall Committee members. The Secretary reported that the Community Trust had been advised that judging for the Beautiful Fife, Best kept village competition would take place at 12 noon on Thursday 19th July.

Correspondence. Letters from Mrs. Annandale and Mr. Younger had been received intimating that they would not be seeking re-election for the next Community Council.

AOCB.  Bishop’s Wood:- Councillor Verner raised her concerns regarding a recent incident at the Bishop’s Wood when local teenagers, overnight camping, had lit a campfire which had got out of control and resulted in the Fire Service being called to the scene. The matter had been referred to the Area Community Safety Group. There was evidence of the unauthorised fire and some anti-social behaviour and Fife Council Safer Communities Officers will include the area on their patrol matrix for monitoring meantime. Mr. Topping stated that he had been on the scene at the time and had called the Fire Brigade in the first instance. He had real concerns about the situation of a fire pit in the vicinity and the evidence of underage drinking and had prepared a risk assessment for councillors, to catalogue his concerns about the woodland. Councillor Verner reported that Mr. Collins, the Safer Communities Area Co-ordinator, had discussed the matter with the Fire Service and they had reported the following:- 1.- The woodland area belongs to Strathkinness Community Trust. 2.- The woodland manager will be conducting a site risk assessment. 3.-Consultation with the Trust will take place after the risk assessment process is complete. 4.- SFRS found no evidence of vegetation fires or concern of fire spread at this time. Mr. Topping felt that any risk assessment by the Community Trust would be biased and called for an independent study.  It was pointed out that the assessment would have to be agreed by the SFRS. Mr Topping considered it dangerous to teach children how to light fires in that location. Mrs. Blake- Johnston said that it was essential that young people should be taught about lighting and extinguishing fires in the properly controlled environment envisaged at the site. The Secretary stated that the matter was the responsibility of the Community Trust, who would be taking full advice from the Fire Service.

Dog-fouling:- The Secretary had received complaints about the increased incidence of dog-fouling on the  Village Green and Bonfield Road. The Fife Councillors would take the matter up with the appropriate department.

Electricity at village green:- Mrs. Lawrie reported that Mr. Gilbert of the Village Hall Committee  had received negative comments about the lack of an electric point on the village green. It was noted that the following weekend a portable generator had been used at the Play Group’s mini-mudders event on the school playpark with great success.

Congratulations:- The Secretary wished to record the success of villager Jamie Ritchie, whose parents live in Younger Place, on gaining his first Scottish International rugby cap, playing against Canada last weekend. The Council unanimously approved.

Date of Next Meeting:  Wednesday 12th September 2018 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.