Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 9th May 2018 at 7.30pm in Lower Church Hall.

Present: Messrs.R. Baxter,[Chair],I. Duncan, K.Topping & S.Younger. Mrs. A. Annandale, L.Walker. P.Blake-Johnston & J. Houston.  Fife Councillors-JA Liston, D. Nolan, B. Thomson &  A.Verner .

Apologies: PC J. Peddie

Minutes of previous meeting : Approved by  L. Walker seconded by K. Topping, subject to amending reference to AGM  from July to June in Treasurers Report.

Matters arising:-

New Headmisteress:- Mrs. Balsillie was unable to attend this meeting but would address the Council next month.

Lower Main Street pavement-  Area of concern has been highlighted for repair.

Community Website-  K. Topping is to change the Community Facebook page to a group status to allow easier access.

Sunnyside Parking restrictions – No progress to report.

Standing Items:

Treasurers Report:- The Treasurer reported that the marquees had not yet been purchased and she was still holding the funds.

Police Report:-  Mrs. Walker expressed her disappointment that the Community Officers could not attend the meeting as she was anxious to find out what sort of response there had been to the reports of a couple of Sundays ago when 3 men in a white flatbed truck had been reported as acting suspiciously in several properties in the village. Villagers had taken the trouble to phone the police to report the incident but there did not seem to have been any feedback. There was no reference in the monthly Community Officer’s Report to the Council. The Secretary was to contact the officers for further information. Mr. Topping gave an update on the Speedwatch campaign. He had attended a meeting in Cupar where the new equipment was displayed and demonstrated. He had a list of 9 volunteers for training and this would be arranged, once the necessary form filling had been done.

Planning Applications:- An application for the erection of a house extension and double garage at The Poffle was noted. No objections were noted.  An application for certificate of lawfulness for an extension at Claremont Farmhouse had been granted. An application for building consent for internal alterations at West Kincaple House had been granted. Councillor Liston reported that the Environmental Impact Assessment for the new Madras College had been submitted for consideration.

Village Infrastructure:-  The continuing problem of potholes was again discussed. The Chairman said that he would seek further information from his contacts in Holland as to how they deal with the problem in their road infrastructure. He would pass this information to the Roads Dept. Mrs. Walker noted that there were two bad potholes on the northside of the pedestrian crossing.

Traffic and Transportation: Mr. Topping raised his concerns on the parking of vehicles in Kincaple Loan. The vehicles were obstructing movement of through traffic, which could affect access for emergency vehicles. The matter would be raised with Community Police Officers.

Communications with Village Organisations:-  The Secretary reported that the Community Trust had now taken full ownership of the Village Green. The Primary School Parent’s Council had arranged to hold a village fete on Sat. 27th May in the Primary School and on the Village Green. The Secretary reported that Mrs.Lada Wilson had finalised her project for the mini gallery in the former village post box in Sunnyside. The official opening ceremony of the gallery would take place at 3 pm on 31st May to be followed by a talk and social event in the Church Hall.

Correspondence. The Secretary reported that the Council had received a letter of thanks from the 8th Fife, Strathkinness Cub Scouts for the financial contribution to their funds.

AOCB. Mrs. Blake-Johnston noted that some enterprising children had created a small cyclo-cross area in the waste plot adjacent to the Muddy Ways path.

Councillor Liston circulated a brochure outlining details of the large off-shore windfarm development off Fife Ness.

Date of Next Meeting:  The AGM will be on Wednesday 13th June 2018 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.