Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 14th March 2018 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present: Mrs.A.Annandale, [Chair],P. Blake-Johnston, J. Houston, B.Lawrie  &  L. Walker. Messrs. I. Duncan, K.Topping & S. Younger . Fife Councillors-JA Liston, D. Nolan,  B. Thomson &  A.Verner  .

Apologies:.Mr. R. Baxter, PC. J. Peddie, PC. R. Crawford

Minutes of previous meeting : Approved by J. Houston, seconded K. Topping.

Matters arising:-

Lower Main Street pavement-  Fife Cllr. Thomson had now received photographic evidence of the poor condition of the pavement and this would be passed to the Roads Dept. for further investigation.

Inoperative Speed Sign in Main Street- The Secretary had again reported that the sign was still inoperative. The matter was being investigated by the Roads. Dept.

Community Website- Mr. Topping reported that work to simplify access to the website was ongoing.

Parking at Little Beehive Nursery-  Cllr. Thomson confirmed that the Roads Dept. had been asked to review the safety arrangements.

Sunnyside Parking restrictions – The Secretary reported that he had held a further meeting with Mr. Scott Wilson at the location, to clarify some of the residents’ objections to the proposed parking restrictions. The elected councillors intimated that the proposals would be subject to further discussion at the Local Committee. It was noted that the 64 bus service on Tuesday 6th March around 9pm had been unable to go up Sunnyside because of vehicles parked at the junction of the Glebe and Sunnyside. The efforts of the driver and residents to trace the owners of the vehicles were unsuccessful and after a 20 minute delay the driver had to reverse back out onto Main Street to continue his journey.

Standing Items:

Treasurers Report:- The Treasurer reported that a grant of £2200 for the purchase of marquees for community use had been received from St.Andrews Community Trust. She would be discussing with the convenor of the project, Dr. Karen Spencer, the next stage of the procurement process.

Police Report:- Councillors had received a copy of the Community Officer’s monthly report on policing activity in Strathkinness. It showed that there had been 17 calls relating to Strathkinness last month, 10 relating to road matters and 7 of a miscellaneous nature. There had been no reports of anti-social behaviour. The officers intimated that they would be in attendance at the April meeting.

Planning Applications:-  An application for internal alterations at West Kincaple House had been lodged. It was noted that an application for planning approval for erection of a dwelling house at Kincaple Farm had been granted. It was noted that an application for a single storey extension at Claremont Farm had been refused.

Village Infrastructure:- It was noted that pothole survey work had been carried out in the village this week and it was to be hoped that remedial work on the numerous potholes would be carried out shortly.

Traffic and Transportation: Councillors expressed their gratitude for the efforts of the local farmers and businessmen who worked hard to clear the routes around the village during the recent snowy weather.  Mr. Topping praised the efforts of Mr.Peter Wallace of Kincaple Farm for his efforts, in very difficult conditions, to open up the Guardbridge to Strathkinness route. The Secretary reported that an amended timetable for the 42 B bus route through the village would commence on Monday 14th May.

Communications with Village Organisations:- Mrs. Blake-Johnston thanked the Councillors, on behalf of the newly formed Strathkinness Cub Pack, for their generous donation of £300 towards their start-up costs. The 6 strong group has commenced activities and will shortly expand to 9 members with the potential to increase to between 15 and 21 members. There is currently a waiting list of 23 youngsters to participate in the Scout Group activities. The Councillors expressed their appreciation of the sterling work being carried by the pack leaders and volunteers.

The Secretary reported that he had met with the newly appointed Primary School headmistress, Mrs. Kate Balsillie, to discuss the suggested reciprocal representation on the Community Council and the School Council. Mrs. Balsillie would welcome the opportunity to address the Community Council on this and other school matters. It was hoped that she would be able to attend the April meeting.


Consultation on Revision of Community Council Election Rules:- The proposals for changes had been circulated to members for consideration. The next election, which is likely to be held in the autumn, will be done by a postal ballot, should an election be necessary. The consultation period ends on 23rd April 2018.

Leuchars Station Community Forum- The Secretary reported that he had attended the March meeting of the Forum. Mr. M. Kinsey, the Station Staff Officer addressed representatives from local Community Councils on the Army’s efforts to improve integration and communication with the local communities. The Army are certainly keen to build up a strong relationship with charitable groups working in the area and would ask any group seeking support to contact Susan Budd, the Community Engagement and Support officer. Flying activities by the RAF and the Army will continue and advance notification of these activities will be featured in the local press. Mr. Kinsey said that staffing levels at the base would become clearer on completion of the latest defence review.

St.Andrews Recycling Centre.- It was noted that proposed changes to the operating hours of the centre would mean that it was closed on Tuesdays and Fridays and at lunchtimes between 1245 and 1330.


Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 11th April 2018 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.