Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 14th February 2018 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:Messrs. R. Baxter. [Chair] , I Duncan, K Topping, S. Younger.  Mrs.A.Annandale, P. Blake-Johnston, J. Houston, B.Lawrie  &  L. Walker. . Fife Councillors- B. Thomson &  A.Verner  .

Apologies:. Fife Councillors D Nolan & JA Liston & PC. Joanna Peddie.

The Chairman introduced Ross McKenzie and Richard Burns from the Strathkinness Beavers group, who gave an update on the very successful first year of the group. There are now 17 members in the group being run with 4 leaders and 1 young leader working for his Duke of Edinburgh Award. The group has participated in numerous local events including tending some of the floral displays, helping at Craigtoun Park and carol singing at Christmas. Such has been the success of the project there is now a waiting list of 20 to join. It has therefore been decided to start a Cub Pack in the village to allow a progression through the Scout Movement, as the children get older. The first meeting of the Cubs will be on 20th February, starting with 6 members, 1 leader and 3 parent volunteers. A balanced programme of activities has been drawn up to allow the cubs to develop skills and to participate in local events. Extra funding will be required to establish the Group and the Leaders would appreciate any financial support that the Community Council could provide. The Chairman in thanking Messrs. McKenzie and Burns for their presentation, he congratulated them and their assistants for the excellent work they had done with the young members of the community. He was sure that the Council would consider their funding appeal very favourably

Minutes of previous meeting : Approved by J. Houston, seconded P. Blake Johnston

Matters arising:-

Broken Fence at Play Park-  Fence now repaired.

Lower Main Street pavement-  Fife Cllr. Thomson advised members that the pavement had been inspected and the surface was not bad enough to be repaired at the moment. Mrs. Walker disputed the matter and produced a photograph to highlight the issue. Councillor Thomson said he would take the matter back to the Roads. Dept for further investigation.

Inoperative Speed Sign in Main Street- The Give Way sign at the North side of Claremont Crossroads had been repaired. It was noted that whilst work had been carried out to repair the digital speed indicator in Main Street, it was again inoperative. The Secretary would report the matter to the Roads. Dept.

Community Website- Mr. Topping reported that work to simplify access to the website was ongoing.

Muddyways- Fly Tipping:- It was noted that the building waste had now been removed from the location.

Standing Items:

Treasurers Report:- The Treasurer reported that the Annual Grant from  Council had been received and the fund total stood at £1029. The Chairman proposed that a grant of £300 should be made towards the Cub Scouts fund and this was unanimously agreed by the Councillors

Police Report:- Councillors had received a copy of the Community Officer’s monthly report on policing activity in Strathkinness. It showed that there had been 10 calls relating to Strathkinness last month, 2 for reported crime, 3 relating to road matters, 1 relating to concerns for people and 4 of a miscellaneous nature. There had been no reports of anti-social behaviour. The “ Pop up Bairns”  school safety scheme had been deployed at the Primary School. There had recently been a spate of housebreakings and thefts in North East Fife and residents are advised to report any suspicious behaviour. Officers are carrying out extra patrols and have some positive lines of enquiry in progress.

Planning Applications:-  No applications for Strathkinness had been received. Fife Councillor Thomson advised members that the planning applications for The St.Andrews West Development and the New Madras College had been submitted this week and details were available on line.

Village Infrastructure:- The Chairman introduced Mr. Scott Wilson , Pettycruick, who spoke on behalf of a group of residents in Sunnyside who were objecting to the proposed yellow line parking restrictions at the lower end of Sunnyside. The restrictions were put forward by the Roads Dept. last October, to facilitate the movement of buses and large vehicles on the route, and approved by Fife Council. Mr. Wilson felt that the proposed layout would not improve the situation and would mean that 3 valuable street parking places would be lost. He outlined an alternative scheme to move the yellow lines further up the south side of Sunnyside and had forwarded his plan to Fife Council for consideration. Fife Councillors Thomson & Verner suggested that residents should meet with Roads Dept. officials to discuss the issue again. Cllr Thomson said that it might be difficult to change the approved scheme but it was certainly worth exploring Mr. Wilson’s alternative solution to the problem. A site meeting was to be arranged as soon as possible. The Chairman thanked Mr. Wilson for his presentation.

 The poor condition of road surfaces was again a source of concern for all. Financial constraints meant that the situation was unlikely to improve for the foreseeable future, according to the elected councillors.

Traffic and Transportation: Several residents had raised concerns about the traffic congestion outside the Little Beehive Nursery at peak traffic times. One of the main issues seems to occur when parents drop off, or collect their children, on the traffic side of the car and not on the pavement side. The Secretary had spoken with the Nursery Manager and she would remind parents of the safety concerns. Fife Councillor Thomson said he would ask Roads Dept. officials to look at the road safety situation.

Communcations with Village Organisations:- Mrs. Blake – Johnston reported that she had attended the meeting of the primary school Parent Council meeting. She noted that Dr. Spencer’s  grant application for the purchase of a marquee for community events had now been submitted to St.Andrews Community Trust. She also reported that the Parent’s Council had suggested that the Community Council might have a representative attend the meetings on a regular basis. The Secretary said that he would speak with the Headmistress to see if a reciprocal arrangement was feasible and report back to the Community Council


Mr. Topping reported that, as a result of increased patrolling by the Dog Wardens, there had been an improvement in the dog fouling situation, particularly at the Bishop’s Wood.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 14th March 2018 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.