Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 10th January 2018 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:, Mrs.A.Annandale, J. Houston, L. Walker. Messrs I. Duncan & K. Topping. Fife Councillors- JA Liston, B. Thomson &  A.Verner  .

Apologies: Messrs. R. Baxter & S. Younger. Mrs P.Blake-Johnston & B.Lawrie. Fife Councillor D Nolan. PC. Joanna Peddie.

Minutes of previous meeting : Approved by K Topping seconded by J. Houston.

Matters arising:-

Broken Fence at Play Park- Cllr. Thomson has reported the issue to the Parks Dept. for action.

Lower Main Street pavement- Cllr. Thomson had raised the matter with the roads Dept., who were to carry out an inspection of the section involved.

Inoperative Speed Sign in Main Street- The Secretary had reported this matter to the Roads Dept.last month. Sign is still not functioning. Counciilors noted that the sign had not been very reliable over the past 12 months. He also reported that the Give Way sign at the North side of Claremont Crossroads had collapsed . It had not yet been replaced.

Community Website- Mr. Topping reported that he was changing the set up of the facebook facility to allow easier access for users. He hoped to have the matter resolved shortly.

Grit Bins- Cllr. Verner reported that she had been advised by the Roads Dept. that the review of grit bin allocation was on-going, and that it was not currently planned to replace the bins at the Strathkinness locations.

Standing Items:

Treasurers Report:- No change to the Council’s funding.

Police Report:- Councillors had received a copy of the Community Officer’s monthly report on policing activity in Strathkinness. It showed that there had been 8 calls relating to Strathkinness last month, 1 for reported crime, 3 relating to road matters, 3 relating to concerns for people and 1 of a miscellaneous nature. There had been no reports of anti-social behaviour. The “ Pop up Bairns”  school safety scheme had been deployed at the Primary School. Cllr. Thomson reported that negotiations were continuing with the Police to see if more “ Pop up Bob”  units could be provided with increased community funding. Mr. Topping proposed that, subject to funds being available, the Community Council might wish to support the venture. Council would consider the matter in due course. Mrs.L. Walker noted that whilst it was useful to have the monthly written report she hoped that they would not replace the opportunity for face to face discussions with the Community Police Officers. Mr. Topping reported that the Speedwatch project was due to be restarted in the Spring. He was seeking volunteers and would put the matter on the Community website.

Planning Applications:-  An applications had been noted for the erection of a single storey extension at Claremont Farm. No objections had been noted,

Village Infrastructure:- Cllr. Thomson reported that after a review of road safety outside the Primary School, the Roads. Dept. had decided to change the status of the bus drop off point outside the school from advisory to mandatory. This would mean that the road markings would be changed from white to yellow. This change would be carried out after April. He also noted that due to the recent bad weather the pothole situation had worsened. He advised members of the public to call the Pothole hotline number 03451 550011 to report any potentially damaging or dangerous potholes. A special team had been set up to respond to these calls.

Traffic and Transportation: It was noted that the extensive drainage work on the High Road was ongoing  and the road closure would continue for some days yet. Cllr. Liston reported on the current consultation regarding the subsidised bus routes though out Fife. Several proposals are being considered but it would appear that at the moment the routes 64 and 64A, which serve Strathkinness, are unlikely to change. The programme is due to be finalised in April.

Communcations with Village Organisations:- Mrs. Karen Spencer, representing the School Parent Council and the Strathkinness Play Group, outlined details of the proposal to purchase marquee equipment for use by village groups for outdoor functions in the village. The management, storage and maintenance of the equipment had been organised by the group. It was planned that the equipment would be solely for the use of village organisations. A total cost in the region of £3000 was envisaged and she was finalising funding sources and looking to have all the details in place in the next few weeks. The Council expressed its support for the project and looked forward to a positive outcome. Mrs. Annandale thanked Karen and her team for their efforts on behalf of the community..

AOCB. Mr. Topping again raised the issue of fly-tipping at the Muddy Ways location. Quantities of garden waste had been dumped and he urged residents to make use of the Garden Waste bins rather than dump the material on private land.

Councillor Liston highlighted the issue of Marriage Registration no longer being available in St.Andrews. This had come into effect last October and many people were unaware of the change.

Councillors were saddened to hear of the recent death of Mrs. June Backhouse after a lengthy illness. June was an enthusiastic participant in the social life of the community for many years and her humour and vitality will be greatly missed by her family and many friends in the village.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 14th February 2018 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.