Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 8th November 2017 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present: Mrs. A. Annandale [Chair], B. Lawrie, P. Blake- Johnston. Messrs. I. Duncan, S. Younger, K. Topping  ,  Fife Councillors- B. Thomson, D. Nolan, A.Verner & JA. Liston.

Apologies: Mr. R. Baxter, Mrs. L.Walker , J Houston.  PC Jo. Peddie.

Minutes of previous meeting : Approved by B. Lawrie and Seconded by S. Younger

Matters arising:- Church Rd. parking:-  Councillor Thomson is awaiting further information on the matter.

Kincaple Traffic issues:- Nothing further has been reported. Mr.Topping highlighted the continuing problem of speeding traffic on Kincaple loan and also that a sink hole that had appeared on the edge of the loan has not been repaired.

Bonfield Road:- Cllr. Thomson reported on his further discussions regarding the adoption of the road. The matter is to be investigated by the Roads Dept.

School Crossing lights:- These had now been repaired.

Little Beehive Nursery:- The Secretary reported that he had raised the road safety issue of parents delivering and collecting children from the Nursery with the staff. They were to advise all the parents to ensure that they unload the children on the pavement and not onto the road.

Standing Items:

Treasurers Report:- No change to the Council’s funding.

Police Report:- The Community Officer’s  monthly report showed that there had been 16 calls to the Police from the Strathkinness Area. 2 had reported crimes, 6 related to road traffic matters, 2 raised concerns for people, the remainder had been of a miscellaneous nature. There had been no calls for anti-social behaviour, an issue currently being prioritised, and officers are keen to hear any complaints on the matter as soon as they occur. Bogus workmen are also operating in the area and residents are urged to certify the identity of anyone seeking entrance to their property. The Community Officers are looking to roll out the Good Citizen Awards across NE Fife and will be contacting the Primary School in the coming weeks. The officers are continuing their speed checks throughout the area.

Planning Applications:-  An application had been noted for the erection of a single storey extension at 47 Sunnyside. No objections were noted.

St.Andrews West-/ New Madras:- Councillor Thomson advised the council that the application for the new road into the New Madras site had now been lodged. He also noted that the planning application for the housing development adjacent to the Craigtoun Road would be submitted early next year.

Village Infrastructure:- The proposed double yellow lines had not yet been installed at the Sunnyside/ Main Street junction.

Traffic and Transportation: Councillor Thomson advised that he was taking up the matter of the continuing use of the High Road by HGVs, accessing construction sites at the University, with the  Estates Dept.

Correspondence:- Mrs. Karen Spencer, had written on behalf of the Village Play group and the School Parent Council about the possibility of purchasing small marquees and gazebos for the use of village organisations. Councillors were keen to take the matter further and would seek more information for consideration.

Details of the Review Process of Polling Districts and Places in Fife had been forwarded from Fife Council. No changes have been proposed so far for the existing St.Andrews West and Strathkinness Ward.

Tayplan has advised the Council that Scottish ministers have now approved the 2nd  Tayplan Strategic Development Plan for 2016-2036. Details of the plans can be accessed on the TAYplan website.

AOCB. – Village Christmas Tree:- Mrs. Lawrie reported that the Hall Committee had arranged the Christmas Tree switching on ceremony for 5pm on 3rd December. The oldest and youngest pupils at the school would switch on the lights and carol singing would be led by the local Beavers. Teas and further entertainment would be available in the Hall after the ceremony. Councillors expressed their appreciation of the efforts of the Hall Committee in organising the event.

Fiddle Concert:- Mrs. Lawrie also reported that a Fiddle Concert would be held at 11 am on 18th November in aid of the Christmas Tree Fund.

Dog fouling at Magus Muir:- Mr. Topping highlighted the increased incidence of dog fouling of the footpaths in the woodland. The elected councillors agreed to raise the issue with the dog wardens.

Condolences:- Councillors were saddened to hear of the sudden death of long time village resident Mrs. Marion Low of the Pleasance. She will be greatly missed by her friends and family/

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.