Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 11th October 2017 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. R. Baxter [Chair], I. Duncan, S. Younger, K. Topping  Mrs.A. Annandale, J. Houston B. Lawrie , L. Walker.  Fife Councillors- B. Thomson, D. Nolan, A.Verner & JA. Liston.

Apologies: P.Blake-Johnston. PC Jo. Peddie.

Presentation by Strathkinness Play Group:- The Chairman welcomed Fiona Oxley and Victoria Austin from the Play Group who addressed the Council regarding the activities of the Group. The parent led organisation offers pre school activities for up to 15 children on Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. mornings each week with a recently established baby group for children from newborn to 18 months operating on Wed. morning. The baby group will soon be moved to a Monday afternoon. The Group is a non profit organisation funded by fees and fundraising events and grants where eligible. It has a full time Play Leader supported by parents on a rota basis. They have had considerable success during the past year boosting their funds, and would seek the support of the Community Council and other village groups to broaden the scope of their fund-raising events for next year.  The Chairman thanked Fiona and Victoria for their very informative presentation and congratulated them on their Committee’s effort to help this important community facility to flourish.

Minutes of previous meeting : Approved by A. Annandale and Seconded by L. Walker

Matters arising:- Church Rd. parking:-Councillor B.Thomson, reported that he had taken up the issue of vehicles parking on the grass on the school playing field in Church Road. The Education Department, who own the area have spoken with the car owners and the Housing Dept. about the use of the grass area for parking. Funding would appear to be a factor in any solution to the lack of parking spaces in the vicinity.  Councillor Thomson is awaiting further information on the matter.

Kincaple Traffic issues:- Councillor A. Verner reported that she had discussed the issues raised by Mr. & Mrs Neilson at last month’s meeting with the Roads Dept. whose response outlined the difficulties of changing the access to Kincaple. Some years ago a proposal to create a turning point at the entrance to the Holiday Home site did not go ahead due to objections from the landowner. No further action was deemed feasible at the time. Councillor Verner proposes to meet with the Police to discuss the speeding traffic issues raised by Mr.& Mrs. Neilson, and will report back in due course.

Standing Items:

Treasurers Report:- Mrs. Walker reported that there was no change to the Council’s funding.

Police Report:- As no officers were able to attend the meeting Community Police Officer WPC. Joanna Peddie had forwarded an update on the current policing activity in St.Andrews and Strathkinness during September. This showed that of the 336 calls to the Police from the area only 3 had related to Strathkinness, 2 on road traffic matters and 1 miscellaneous matter. Community officers had been carrying out speed checks and parking patrols at local schools. The activities of bogus workmen in the area were highlighted and residents should call 101 if they see or experience any suspicious activity. Councillors expressed their dissatisfaction that, since December last year, Police Officers had only attended the Council meetings on 2 occasions. The Council appreciated that reduced manning levels were an issue, but it questioned the effectiveness of having a Community Policing System if it did not connect with the Community.

Planning Applications:-  No applications noted. Work had commenced on the research project and polytunnel on the shoreline adjacent to the Eden Golf Course.

Bonfield Development;- Councillor Thomson reported that Fife Council was currently negotiating with the land owner and the developer to amend the planning permission, granted last year, for 66 homes to have a total of 31 social homes and 35 private homes built on the site. Revised details would be submitted in due course.

St.Andrews West-/ New Madras:- Councillor Thomson outlined the planning time scale for the establishment of the new access Road off the A91, the New Madras School and the St.Andrews West Development.

Village Infrastructure:-

Bonfield Road:-  The issue of the adoption of Bonfield Road had been taken up with the Roads Dept by Councillor Thomson. Fife Council, it would appear, has only adopted the road up to the end of the Pleasance. This contradicts information given to the Council in April 2005 by former Councillor Frances Melville following discussions with the Roads dept. It was reported that, as over 50 % of the residents in Bonfield Road had replied positively to the Fife Council proposals for adoption, the road would be adopted as far as 22 Bonfield Road. The only outstanding matter was the design of the new street lighting system. The pavement was resurfaced in May 2005 and the street lighting replaced some time later. Councillor Thomson took details of the minutes from 2005 and would relate these to the Roads Dept. for further clarification

School crossing Lights- Councillor Liston intimated that she was awaiting a response regarding the  inoperative lights at the school crossing.

Dog-fouling;- Councillor Liston had raised the matter with the Dog Wardens and they have assured her that they will increase their presence in the village with patrols and new signage. The Wardens also sought the support of the villagers who should pass on any information which would help to improve the problem.

Traffic and Transportation: Mr. Topping raised his concerns about the number of HGV drivers who are ignoring the restriction signs on the High Road. He highlighted a recent incident when an HGV met a Bus at the end of Drumcarrow Crescent and the HGV was driven into the ditch to avoid a collision.

Complaints had been received regarding the restricted visibility caused by the hedge at the junction of the High Road and Church Road and the illegal parking outside the school.

Mrs Walker highlighted the hazards of parents decanting their children outside the Little Beehive Nursery from the traffic side of the vehicle. It would be in the safety interest of all if the children were unloaded on the kerbside, away from passing vehicles. The Secretary would raise the issue with the Nursery.

Community Trust:- The Secretary reported that a successful Annual Apple Harvest Day at the Community Orchard had raised £187 from produce sales.  Adults and children were able to enjoy and take away the gallons of apple juice that had been produced from the bumper crop. The next Woodland Volunteers Day for the Wood Fuel project at Magus Muir would be on Sat. 28th 9.30am

Correspondence:- Mrs. Elaine Gilbert had written to advise that she has stepped down as the Village representative on the Leuchars Station Community Forum. The Chairman thanked Mrs. Gilbert for her efforts on behalf of the community.

AOCB. – Village Christmas Tree:- Arrangements are being made to have the tree erected at the Village Hall.  More details of the “switching on” ceremony and the date will be available for the next meeting.

Remembrance Service:-  Mrs. Lynn Walker has kindly offered to lay the wreath on behalf of the Community Council at the Remembrance Service next month.

Fly tipping:- Mr. Topping noted that someone had dumped surplus concrete at the Muddy Ways and he hoped that that this would not incite further fly tipping in the vicinity.

Condolences:- It was with much regret that Councillors heard of the recent death of Mrs. Maisie Graham from Claremont Farm. Maisie served as a Community Councillor for 9 years from 1977 and was very actively involved, along with her late husband Bill, in all aspects of village life for many years. She will be fondly remembered for her very sociable and hands on role in our community and greatly missed by her family and her large circle of friends. It was also noted that Alf. Mackie another long time resident of the village had also died last week. Alf and his wife Muriel resided in the Old Hall for nearly 40 years before moving to Blackford 2 years ago. Councillors extended their condolences to both families.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 8th November 2017 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.