Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 13th September 2017 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. R. Baxter [Chair], I. Duncan, S. Younger, Mrs. A. Annandale, P. Blake-Johnston, B. Lawrie & J. Houston & L. Walker.  Fife Councillors- B. Thomson, A. Verner & J A. Liston.

Apologies: K. Topping. Fife Councillor D. Nolan. PC Jo. Peddie.

Minutes of previous meeting: Approved by P .Blake-Johnston seconded by S. Younger

Matters arising:- The Secretary reported that the Community Trust had been successful in the Beautiful Fife Small Villages Competition.  Strathkinness had won another gold award and a special award for environmental responsibility. The Judges had highlighted the tidy and colourful appearance of the village, the involvement of the school and nursery children and the Beavers. They commended the villagers who had participated in the “adopt a planter” scheme for their sustainable planting programme and remarked that the Community Garden and Orchard was among the best that they had viewed.

The Secretary reported that BT had removed the equipment from the phone box in Sunnyside and that ownership of the box had now been passed to the Community Trust. Mrs. Lada Wilson is currently preparing details for a project to convert the box into a small gallery.

Standing Items:

Treasurers Report:- Mrs. Walker reported that there was no change to the Council’s funding.

Police Report:- It was noted that PC Catherine Welch was no longer our Community Police Officer and that role was now being carried out by PC Joanne Peddie. Unfortunately due to change of shifts she was unable to attend the meeting. Speed monitoring had continued during the summer months and there was nothing major to report. Mrs. L. Walker registered her concerns about the speed of large agricultural tractors passing through the village. Fellow Councillors supported her request that the Community Police Officer should speak to local farmers as part of their Rural Crimewatch campaign to remind their tractormen to respect the 20 mph speed limit. One eye witness had noted a tractor and trailer passing the speed indicator at 32 mph. The Secretary would contact PC Peddie about the issue.

It was also noted that there had been another serious accident at the lower crossroads 3 weeks ago. The new road surfacing and white lining had now been reinstated at the crossroads.

Planning Applications:-  No applications noted. Permission granted for extension to The Poffle.

St. Andrews West- proposed development. 3rd consultation event to be held on 27th September at Hotel du Vin and on 28th September at Rufflets Hotel.

Fife Plan- 9th edition- is now available on line for perusal.

Village Infrastructure:- Mrs. Walker expressed concern at the poor road surface condition in Upper Sunnyside . The surface had become very rutted and was hazardous for cyclists and motorists. She also highlighted the amount of potholes in Bonfield Road. The Secretary confirmed that he had received a similar complaint from Mr. and Mrs. Lawson 13 Bonfield Road regarding large potholes near the entrance to their property. They had been advised by Fife Council that the section of road was not adopted by the Council. The elected Councillors were to seek clarification as to how much of Bonfield Road was adopted. Mrs. Walker asked if it would be possible to have 20mph signs fixed to lamp posts in Main Street. Elected Councillors expressed doubts because of the cost implications. Mrs. Walker wondered if 20mph stickers were available through Fife Council to be put on the refuse bins as some other communities appeared to be using them. Availability of signs would be checked out.

Mr. & Mrs. Neilson of Kincaple had written outlining their concerns about the amount, and speed, of traffic using the single track Kincaple Loan between the A91 and the village. The road has no passing places and the verges are giving way with vehicle usage. This problem appears to have increased with the expansion of the Forest Lodges site. The elected Councillors agreed to take the matter up with the Roads Dept.

Mr Younger noted that the warning signs at the school crossing were not working.

Traffic and Transportation: Details of the proposed parking restrictions at the junction of Sunnyside and The Glebe were discussed. The Council supported the proposal, subject to the proposed yellow lines on the north side of Sunnyside being extended to join up with existing lines at the junction of Main Street.

Community Trust:- The Secretary reported that the Annual Apple Harvest Day at the Community Garden would be on Sunday 8th October from 1.30 pm until 4pm. A selection of jams and preserves will be available on the day. The Trustees are to operate a wood fuel project at the Community Woodland in the near future and anyone interested in obtaining wood fuel should register their interest with any of the trustees.

Beavers:- Mrs. Blake Johnston reported that the Colony is going from strength to strength. There are now 15 members with a waiting list of 27.

Correspondence:- Strathkinness Play Group had accepted an invitation from the Community Council  to come to the next meeting to outline  the activities of the Play Group.

Mrs. Maureen Scott had written a letter of thanks for the gift vouchers she had received for her work in auditing the Community Council Accounts.


The Chairman introduced Anya McGladdery and Taylor Laura Watt, senior pupils from Madras College, who are keen to participate in Community projects. The Chairman invited the girls to bring forward any ideas which would be of interest to the community at the next meeting.

Mrs. Lindsay, who lives in the Glebe raised the matter of dog fouling on the open area in front of her property and wondered if signage could be put up asking dog owners to keep their animals on a lead whilst passing through the Glebe. Councillor Thomson would contact the Dog Warden to assess the situation. Mrs. Lindsay was to approach Headon Developments regarding the matter.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 11th October 2017 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.