Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Wed. 14th June 2017 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. R. Baxter [Chair], I. Duncan, S. Younger, K. Topping. Mrs.A. Annandale, P. Blake-Johnston, B. Lawrie & J. Houston. Fife Councillors- B. Thomson, D. Nolan and J-A. Liston.

Apologies: Mrs. L. Walker Mrs A. Verner

Chairman’s Annual Report:- The resignation , last month of Vice Chair Irene Walker had been a  set back for the Council. Having previously lost Messrs. Gilbert and DeAngelis during the past year, the Council has been fortunate to find two able replacements in Mrs. Houston and Mrs. Blake–Johnston and will now be seeking a suitable candidate to join the Council. Mr. Baxter expressed his thanks for the considerable input that Irene had made to the work of the Community Council. The past year had seen little change in Council business with our aspirations for improvements in the village infrastructure very much limited by the financial restrictions of the Local Authority. The Chairman was please to note that the provision of a cycle/footpath between Strathkinness and St. Andrews was to be included in projected Fife Council budgetary plans. He thanked Councillor Brian Thomson for his efforts in that matter. The Chairman noted that the proposed Avant Homes Development at Bonfield appeared to have stalled with no word of progress from the developers. He thanked Stephen Younger and Ken Topping for their work on updating the Community website. The Council was now on Facebook and he hoped that this would assist in increasing the profile of the Community Council. He praised the efforts of the Community Trust who were successful in gaining another gold award in the Beautiful Fife competition. They also received national recognition when the village community garden and orchard featured in the Beechgrove Garden roadshow. The Trust had also taken ownership of the Millennium Woodland at Magus Muir. The Chairman thanked his fellow councillors for their support during the past year and looked forward to slow but steady progress in the year ahead.

Annual Accounts:- In the absence of the Treasurer, Mrs. Annandale presented the audited accounts for the year ended 31st March 2017. These showed a balance of £716.49. Mr. Duncan proposed approval of the accounts and this was seconded by Mr. Baxter.

Election of officials:- The following officials were proposed, seconded and duly appointed:-

Chair:- Robin Baxter.

Vice Chair:- Alison Annandale.

Secretary:- Iain Duncan.

Treasurer:- Lynn Walker.

 At this stage the Chairman welcomed the newly elected Fife Councillors, Jane-Anne Liston, Dominic Nolan and Brian Thomson to the meeting.

Minutes of previous meeting : Approved by B. Lawrie and seconded by J. Houston.

Matters Arising: The Secretary had been notified that the Community Trust has accepted an offer from BT, to purchase the redundant phone box in Sunnyside for £1. Plans for the future use of the facility will be discussed in due course.

The Chairman had presented certificates and £15 book tokens to the Marti and Guillem Pennachio-Torres and Anna, Isla and Freya Hedley, in recognition of their outstanding achievements at the Scottish National Hill Running Championships in May.

The Secretary had attended the public consultation event held at Madras College, Kilrymonth. The exhibition outlined the proposals for the new Madras to be built at Langlands. This significant development will shortly be presented for full planning approval. He had also attended the consultation meeting for the proposed St. Andrews West development. The new Madras and the extensive housing and commercial proposals for the St. Andrews West development will be linked by a new road, to be constructed from a junction on the A91 at Station Park. Considerable changes to the road networks in the area of Strathkinness High Road are being proposed.

Standing Items:

Planning Applications:- An application St. Andrews University for  the erection of a polytunnel for habitat research on land adjacent to the Eden golf course on the Eden Estuary had been lodged. No objections were noted. An application had been lodged for variations to a single storey extension at 3 Bonfield Road. No objections noted.

Village Infrastructure:- Mrs. Annandale reported that a drain gulley in Drumcarrow Crescent was  blocked and this had caused considerable storm water flooding during the recent heavy rains. There had also been an issue with pavement damage during the same storm at 41 Main Street. The Secretary would report both matters to the appropriate Council Department.

Traffic and Transportation: The solar speed sign in Main Street had failed again and was currently out of action. The Roads Dept. is aware of the problem and is awaiting a replacement solar panel. The priority give-way sign at the lower end of Main Street has been repaired and the 2 stop signs at the upper Crossroads had been replaced.

The Secretary had received notification from the Roads Dept. that consultation would be carried out with regard to increasing the double yellow line parking restrictions in the area of The Glebe and the north side of Sunnyside.

Councillor Thomson reported on a request for reducing the speed limit on the Kincaple to Strathkinness road. Colin Stirling of the Roads Dept. had rejected a proposal to reduce the speed limit, quoting accident statistics and various legal criteria, he did, however, offer to improve the road signage on the route to highlight the potential risks to drivers. Councillors thanked Mr. Thomson and agreed that the council’s offer of improved signage should be accepted.

Police Report: No report this month. The Secretary is to contact the Community Police officer to see if it could be possible to get a written update prior to the next meeting. Ken Topping updated Councillors on the latest Speedwatch project. He is currently liaising with PC McIntosh the local co-ordinator of the scheme. Ken has a total of 5 volunteers for the project so far and hopes to increase that for the training programme.

Community Trust:- It was noted that judging for the Beautiful Fife Best Kept village Competition will be held on 20th July. Mr. Topping raised his concerns of the risks with the proposed the use of a charcoal burner in the Magus woodland and would refer to the Community Trust on the matter

AOCB. Councillors were saddened to hear of the recent death of local businessman and long time village resident

Ed. Cockburn. Ed ran the family agricultural and auto engineering business in Main Street for many years, and the respect and admiration that he had earned over the years as a businessman and a friend, was clear to see at his very large funeral service in the local church. Condolences are extended to his wife Margaret, son Philip and daughter Julie and the rest of his family. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 13th September 2017 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.