Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 12th April 2017 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present: Mesrs. R. Baxter [Chair], I. K. Topping, S. Younger. Mrs I Walker, L. Walker, A. Annandale, B. Lawrie & J. Houston.  Fife Councillor B. Thomson.

Apologies: Mr I. Duncan. Fife Councillors F. Melville and D. Morrison & K.McCartney. Pauline Blake-Johnston.

Councillor appointment: The Chairman welcomed Jane Houston to the meeting and the Council unanimously confirmed her appointment as a Community Councillor.

Minutes of the last meeting : Approved by S. Younger and seconded by K. Topping.

Matters Arising: None

Treasurer’s Report: The balance remained at £808

Standing Items:

Planning Applications: Two applications had been determined, both in Kincaple.

Village Infrastructure: A meeting had been held with Gordon Hughes of the Roads Dept. to assess the possibility of creating a footpath to Magus Muir. Once further information is available, sources of funding and assistance with construction will be pursued.

The legal process continues re the adoption of roads and footpaths within the Village Green development.

Traffic and Transportation: The issue of reduced speed limits on rural roads has been raised with Fife Council and it would appear that criteria for such action seems pretty strict ie accident statistics, residential access etc. However the Community Council agreed to look into this further, especially to address speeding on the Low Road and on the road from the village to Guardbridge with its access into Kincaple.

The solar speed sign in Main Street and slow down signs at the Low Road junction are frequently not working.  The priority give way sign at the bottom end of the village needs to be re-instated as do 2 Strathkinness name signs on approaches to the village.

The photographic evidence of parking problems at the junction of Sunnyside and Main St has now been passed to the Roads Dept.

Potholes were again noted as was the use of the High Road by haulage vehicles accessing Fife Park. Brian Thomson agreed to raise these with the Council and University respectively.

Police Report: None this month.

School Report: None this month

Village Events: The Community Trust still has a few flower tubs available for adoption.  Anyone interested should contact the Trust.  After a successful Open Day in March at Magus Muir, another is planned for early May. All volunteers welcome. It is hoped that fallen trees could subsequently be made available as logs to village residents.

A Race Night is planned by the village hall committee for 22nd April. Community Council agreed to sponsor a race if one still available.

Correspondence: Nothing to report

A.O.C.B: Brian Thomson will forward a report to Robin Baxter outlining new protocol for Community Councils to consider and comment on planning applications.

Creating Facebook for the Community Council is being explored and this will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 10th May 2017 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.