Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 8th March 2017 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Messrs. R. Baxter [Chair], I. Duncan, K.Topping, S. Younger. Mrs. A. Annandale, P. Blake-Johnston ,  B. Lawrie & L.Walker.  Fife Councillor. K. McCartney..

Apologies:- Mrs.I.Walker. Fife Councillors  F. Melville, D. Morrison & B.Thomson..

Councillor appointment:- The Chairman welcomed Mrs. Blake-Johnston to the meeting and now that all necessary paper work had been completed the Council unanimously confirmed her appointment as a Community Councillor. There was still a vacancy for another full voting member and Mrs. L. Walker was hopeful that a candidate for the position would be available for the April meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting : Approved by B. Lawrie  and seconded by K. Topping

Matters Arising:

Village Green:- The Secretary confirmed that the tree planting had been completed.

Beaver Scout Colony:- Mrs. Blake - Johnston confirmed that activities had now commenced.

Project for 2017:- The secretary reported that two responses were awaited from village groups.

Strathkinness Primary School:- The Chairman welcomed Stephen Morrison, the headteacher, who had kindly accepted an invitation to address the Community Council on the role of the school in the community. Mr. Morrison outlined the importance of the “Outdoor Learning” project in Fife Schools. The children were being given opportunities to expand their knowledge and understanding of the environment by holding outdoor classes. This programme would be increasing and the school was working with Peter Kushner and Tony Wilson of the Community Trust to expand the school activities into the Bishop’s Wood at Magus Muir, where an outdoor learning facility is being created. The difficulty of transporting the children to the Magus location was an issue that would have to be addressed, as there is no direct pedestrian access from the village. The School would work with the Community Council to see how that problem could be overcome. The Chairman thanked Mr. Morrison for his presentation and confirmed that the Community Council would help in any way they could to assist in the project.

Standing Items:-

Police Report: Community Police Officer Catherine Welch reported that the Police had had an excellent response from over 300 people to their local policing consultation survey. The main concerns highlighted had been, speeding motorists, dog- fouling and internet crime. It was also confirmed that the Community Speedwatch programme was shortly to commence with training and recruitment of volunteers. The Police had also attended the School to monitor the road safety issues at opening and closing times. Mr. Topping highlighted the increasing disregard of road traffic safety by some cyclists in St.Andrews, particularly delivery cyclists and students, who ignore the one way system. The Police would follow up on this issue.

Treasurer’s Report:- The Treasurer reported that the donation of £100 would be handed to the Beaver Scout Colony next week. The current bank balance was £808.

Planning:-  An application for the erection of a laundry store at St.Andrews Forest Lodges, Kincaple had been submitted. No objections noted.

An application had been submitted for the erection of a storage shed at Edenside Stables, Kincaple. No objections noted.

The Secretary reported that there had been a large turnout at the public consultation for St.Andrews West Major Mixed Use Development last month. Further meetings are planned for the next few months.

There had been no further update on the proposed Avant development at Bonfield, although site investigations had been noted during the past 2 weeks.

Fife Councillor Thomson  confirmed that the  University owned Langlands site had formally been selected as the location of the new Madras College, subject to  the outcome of education consultation and planning permission being granted.

Village infrastructure, Traffic & Transportation :- Fife Councillor Thomson had confirmed that a commitment to fund a cycle path between Strathkinness and St.Andrews on the High Road has now been included in the Fife Council capital plan. Work will now need to commence on identifying a route, negotiating wayleaves, detailed design and cost. The Community Councillors welcomed the significant progress on this long standing issue.

Mr. Topping again highlighted his concerns regarding the speed of traffic through the village and felt that further traffic calming was required. He also felt that a reduction of the speed limit on the road between Strathkinness to Edenside to 50mph would be of great benefit. The matter would be raised with the roads Dept.

The solar speed sign in Main Street appears to be out of order again.

Mr. Brian Taylor had provided some photographic evidence of parking problems at the junction of Sunnyside and Main Street. The Chairman thanked Mr. Taylor for the photographs, which would be passed to Fife Council Roads Dept.

Community Trust:- The Secretary reported that the Community Trust was organising an “Adopt a Tub” programme for this season and a number of residents had signed up the to the project. A meeting had been arranged for 9.30 am on Sunday 12th March at Bonfield Park and anyone wishing to help will be very welcome.  An Open Day had been arranged for 10 am on Sunday 19th March at Bishop’s Wood, Magus for anyone wishing to assist in the maintenance of the 30 acre site. Volunteers, who will be supervised by Woodland Ranger Tony Wilson, can register their interest with the Trust and will be able to help with extraction of Wood Burning Fuel, charcoal making and many aspects of woodland management. There will be an opportunity for children to participate in woodland bulb planting under the supervision of Bob Bilson.

Review of Website :- Mr. Younger outlined the activities of the Community website and sought input from the Council on  how the profile of the website could be raised within the community. Mr. Topping, who has considerable experience of working with Facebook , said he would discuss the matter with Mr. Younger and report back to the Council with the various options that might be available. Mr. Younger was also going to contact the village organisations to remind them that if they give him information he can easily upload this on to the website.

A.O.C.B.- Fife Councillor Keith McCartney announced that as he was not standing for re-election this would be his final attendance at the Community Council . He thanked everyone for their assistance and support and wished them well for the future. The Chairman thanked Councillor McCartney for his efforts on behalf of the community and wished him a happy retirement.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 12th April 2017 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.