Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 8th February 2017 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Mrs I.Walker [Chair], B.Lawrie & A.Annandale Messrs, K. Topping, S. Younger. & I. Duncan  Fife Councillors F. Melville & B. Thomson.

Apologies:- Mrs.L.Walker. Messrs R. Baxter & D.Gilbert & Fife Councillors D. Morrison & K. McCartney.

Resignation:- Mr. D. Gilbert had tendered his resignation from the Council. Councillors expressed their disappointment and thanked him for his efforts on behalf of the community since his appointment in 2014.

Councillor vacancies:- Mrs. Walker welcomed Mrs.Pauline Blake-Johnston to the Council as spokesperson for the Beaver Scout Colony and as a prospective Community Councillor.. Mrs. Walker highlighted the fact that with Mr. Gilbert’s resignation there was now another vacancy for a full Council member and it was to be hoped that another community spirited resident would take the opportunity to participate in the work of the Council.

Minutes of the last meeting: Approved by K. Topping and seconded by B. Lawrie.

Matters Arising:

Future use of Village Phone Box:- The Secretary reported that Fife Council had been in touch to say that they were currently pressing BT for a progress update on the matter.

Beaver Scout Colony:- The Secretary had received a letter from Ross Mackenzie outlining the cost of establishing the group in Strathkinness. The start up costs totalled £200 and the Council agreed unanimously to donate £100 towards the funding. Mrs. Blake-Johnston advised the Council that matters were moving along very well and they were planning an event to outline the activities of the Beaver Colony to children and their parents, prior to commencing the project at the end of the month.

Projects for 2017:- The Secretary reported that he had contacted the various Village groups and organisations inviting them to have representation at the Community Council meetings. He had received positive responses from the Primary School, The Strathkinness Play Group, The Open Group, The Village Hall Committee, The Beaver Scout Colony and The Community Trust. Hopefully the remaining groups will have responded before next month’s meeting, when a formal structure for participation can be finalised.

Standing Items:-

Police Report: Community Police Officer Catherine Welch reported that there had been no significant policing problems in the community over the festive period and during January. The Rural Alert Crime Prevention project had been held during the coldest week of the year so far and it was difficult to assess the overall success. The issue of parking outside the school had been addressed. Several visits by Officers to the school at peak activity times had focused on the actions of drivers on Church Road. Dialogue with the parents, School and the Education Dept. should lead to an improved road safety situation. The Speedwatch programme was being revised and was scheduled to begin in April after training had been completed.

Treasurer’s Report:- No report.

Planning:- An application to make alterations to 17 Main Street had been registered. No objections had been noted.

The application to erect a farmhouse at Kincaple Farm had been approved with conditions.

The application to erect a storage shed at Edenside Stables had been refused.

A public consultation in respect of the proposed planning application for St. Andrews West Major Mixed Use Development is to held on 22nd February between 1500 and 2000 at Rufflets Hotel, and on Thursday 23rd February between 1500 and 2000 at Hotel du Vin, St. Andrews.

Fife Council Planning Dept., has advised the Community Council that the consultation period in respect of the Planning Application in Principle for the proposed mixed use development at land South West of Younger Gardens and Melville Road, St. Andrews was due to close on 17th February. The Secretary was to respond to the application, highlighting concerns about the effect the increase in commuter traffic, from this large development, would have on routes through Strathkinness.

Traffic & Transportation:- Mr. Gordon Hughes of Fife Council Roads Dept. had issued a report on the junction of Sunnyside and Main Street in response to concerns raised by the Community Council. He said that he had had no complaints from Stagecoach or the Refuse collection Dept. regarding access difficulties due to parked cars. He did acknowledge that the existing yellow lines require re-instatement and would action that work. He did not see any need to change the layout, but if evidence to the contrary was available he would discuss the matter further. The Community Council would seek photographic evidence to highlight what they consider to be a traffic safety issue.

Further remedial work had been carried out on the solar powered speed indicator on Main Street. It now appeared to working normally.

Repair work to the damaged signage at the Junction opposite the Tavern was in hand.

Mr. K. Topping voiced his concerns about the speed of traffic in Main Street and thought that more speed bumps would help the situation. Councillor Melville felt that Strathkinness, over the past few years, had benefited considerably from expenditure on road safety issues and it was unlikely that further measures would be supported by the Roads Dept.

Long Term Projects:

  1. Village Green- Tree planting should be completed by Headons during the next two weeks. The trees will be a mixture of birch, with a specimen pine tree in the centre of the area.

Correspondence:-  Letter from A. Rowley MSP, highlighting the launch of the Scottish Government consultation on the future of the Scottish planning system . The consultation ends on 4th April and all community councils are being urged to take part in the process.

A newsletter highlighting the Scottish Community Council Website, established last year, was passed to councillors for their consideration. Participation in an online survey was being sought to broaden the appeal of the website. Councillors were urged to visit the website as it contained useful information of the varying activities of Community Councils throughout Scotland.

A.O.C.B. Councillors minuted their condolences to the families and friends of Bert Herd, David MacIntyre, Joe Ward and Alex. McLeish, all long term village residents, who had recently passed away. Mr S Younger circulated information on a private on-line network called The secure network, which requires a minimum of 10 subscribers, enables rapid exchange of information on local events etc. It was agreed that individual Councillors were to decide whether they wished to subscribe to the project.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 8th March 2017 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.