Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 11th January 2017 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Mr. R. Baxter [Chair], Mrs I.Walker, B.Lawrie & L.Walker Messrs, K. Topping, S. Younger. & I. Duncan  Fife Councillors B. Thomson  & D. Morrison .

Apologies:- Mrs.A. Annandale. Mr. D.Gilbert & Fife Councillors F..Melvillle & K. McCartney.

The Chairman welcomed Ross McKenzie and Lorraine Thomson who gave a presentation on their project to establish a Boy Scout Beaver Colony in the village. Their slide show outlined the work of the Boy Scouts and particularly the elements required to run a Beaver Group, which is primarily for 6- 8 year old boys and girls. The Group would be affiliated to the St.Andrews Boys Scouts and the children would progress to join the cub scouts in St.Andrews. Initially there would be up to 10 members in the group, and that could increase subject to demand and the training and vetting of more assistants..They are currently finalising details of running costs and the activity premises. There had been a keen interest in the village for the project and they were hopeful that the group could be up and running by February. In thanking Mr. McKenzie and Mrs. Thomson for their excellent presentation the Chairman reiterated the Community Council’s support for the project and felt that the establishment of the group would be a very worthwhile contribution to village life. The Community Council would be happy to contribute financially to the project and looked forward to a progress report at the next meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting : Approved by K. Topping  and seconded by I. Walker. Subject to replacing the “the Primary7 Primary School Choir” with “ a Village Choir” in AOCB..

 Matters Arising:

Future use of Village Phone Box:- The Secretary reported that there had been no further communication from BT or Fife Council on the matter.

Village Christmas Tree:- Mrs. Irene Walker expressed her disappointment that shortly after the successful event to light up the tree a large van had parked regularly in front of the tree and hidden it from view.

Sunnyside Ball Games:- The Secretary reported that he had received notification from the Housing Dept. that they were to remove the “No Ball Games” sign form their grass area in Sunnyside.

Standing Items:

Police Report: No report.

Treasurer’s Report:- Mrs. Lynn Walker reported no change to the Bank Account .

Planning Applications: An application to install security lighting at Woodland Holidays at Kincaple had been submitted.  No objections were noted.

An application to erect a storage shed at Edenside Stables had been submitted. No objections were noted.

A Planning Application Notification had been received in respect of the proposed St.Andrews West development. This major mixed use development, which will see significant western expansion towards Strathkinness, has been several years in preparation and an initial public exhibition will be held in St.Andrews in February. This will be followed by a second consultation event in April/May 2017.

Village Infrastructure Update: The Secretary reported that he still awaited contact from the Roads Dept. regarding the junction at Sunnyside and Main Street and was following the matter up. It was noted that the speed indicator sign in Main Street was now working intermittently, which was an improvement from not working at all. Councillors Thomson and Morrison would take the matter up with the appropriate department. The priority sign at the bottom of the village had still not been corrected.

Long Term Projects:

  1. Village Green- The legal elements of the project were now being processed. Details of the next stage of tree planting are scheduled to be discussed this month. .

Traffic and Transportation:- Mr. Topping raised his concerns about the parking of vehicles outside the School at opening and closing times. Some people totally disregard the road markings at the pelican crossing and the double yellow lines, creating a hazard for motorists and pedestrians alike. Mrs. Lynn Walker agreed that this was an ongoing problem, despite attempts by the Police to improve the situation. When the Police are on site the drivers park properly, but return to their bad habits as soon as they realise that the Police are not in attendance. Councillors Morrison and Thomson agreed to investigate the stance of the School and the Education Department on the issue. The matter will be raised again with the Community Police Officer. Mr. Topping also highlighted the issue of HGVs continuing to use the High Road.


Projects for 2017:- The Chairman said that, with the recent completion of the purchase of Magus Woodlands into community ownership, this first meeting of the year would be a good time to consider future projects and the direction of the Community Council. Mrs. Irene Walker felt that an opportunity had been missed a couple of years ago when the various groups and organisations had come together with the Community Council to discuss how their community activities could be assisted by the Community Council. She considered that representatives from these organisations should have the opportunity to be represented on the Council by co-option. She was sure that this would raise the profile and effectiveness of the Council within our growing community. After considerable discussion it was unanimously agreed that the Secretary should contact the village groups and organisations and invite them to consider appointing a representative to participate in the work of the Community Council. The Chairman thanked Mrs. Walker for her excellent proposal and hoped that we would have a positive update for the next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting: 8th February 2017 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.