Minutes of Meeting held on Wed. 14th December 2016 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Mr. R. Baxter [Chair], Mrs I.Walker, B.Lawrie& L.Walker Messrs, K. Topping, S. Younger. I Duncan . Fife Councillors F. Melville, D. Morrison & K.McCartney.

Apologies:- Mrs.A. Annandale. Mr. D.Gilbert & Fife Councillor B.Thomson.

Resignation:- David DeAngelis had tendered his resignation as a Councillor. David felt that his increasing unavailability for meetings was unfair to fellow councillors and that he would step aside to allow someone with more time to sit on the Council. The Chairman thanked David for his input during the nine years he had served as a Councillor and was sure that he would retain a keen interest in local matters. Anyone wishing to join the Council should contact any Community Councillor and register their interest.

Include Me Charity:- The Chairman introduced Ewan Masson, Project Co-ordinator of the Charity organisation Include Me, who addressed the Council on the work of the North East Fife based Charity. The group endeavours to link responsible local residents with vulnerable members of the community who are aged between 16 & 65. These Citizen Advocates, help those who feel excluded from the community, to make informed decisions about their lives, improve their connection with the community and protect their rights. The group, which was formed 8 years ago, currently has 30 partnerships working in North East Fife and is working constantly to recruit local people who enjoy life, seek new experiences, have a sense of fairness and are prepared to speak out on behalf of their friend. The Chairman thanked Mr. Masson for his presentation and said that the Community Council would be pleased to increase public awareness of the work of the Charity.

 Minutes of the last meeting : Approved by K. Topping  and seconded by S. Younger. Subject to replacing the sentence “ He was currently investigating the matter.” with “Housing was currently investigating the matter.” in the paragraph on Sunnyside Ball Games.

 Matters Arising:

Future use of Village Phone Box:- The Secretary reported that there had been no further communication from BT or Fife Council on the matter.

Village Christmas Tree:- Mrs. Irene Walker confirmed that the switching-on ceremony to light up the Christmas tree at the Village Hall on 4th December had been very successful. Around 100 adults and children had attended the ceremony and they had enjoyed excellent entertainment from the Village Primary School Ukelele Orchestra and Choir and refreshments provided by the Hall Committee. The success of the event means that opportunities to expand the range of entertainment to carol singing with the local Military Wives’ Choir should be given serious consideration. The Chairman thanked Mrs. Walker and the Hall Committee for organising the event and said the Council would be very supportive of any moves to enhance the profile of the event.

The Glebe:- The Chairman reported that he had been advised by residents of The Glebe that a meeting with the developers and a prospective factor had been held to clarify matters of maintenance and access on the route between Sunnyside and The Glebe.

Sunnyside Ball Games:- The Secretary reported that the issue of signage at the location was currently under review by the Housing Dept., and that we would be advised in due course of the outcome.

Standing Items:

Police Report:  The Community Police Officer Catherine Welsh advised Councillors that there had been no reported criminal activity in the community during the past month. Mrs. L. Walker reported that there had been an incident of stone throwing at a car on the High road several weeks ago. The Secretary said that he been made aware of similar incident involving a Stagecoach bus on the same evening and expressed concern that it did not appear to have been reported to the Police by the bus company. There had also been an outbreak of graffiti in Main Street. WPC Welsh would look into those matters. The Police had been very active on the campaign to ensure that cyclists were displaying proper lighting at night and they would be intensifying their activities against drunk drivers leading up to the festive season. They were also urging residents to leave a light on in their property at night to discourage prospective intruders. They also asked computer users to be extra vigilant concerning scam attempts to get bank details either by telephone or computer. The Chairman thanked WPC Welsh for her report.

Treasurer’s Report:- Mrs. Lynn Walker reported no change to the Bank Account and asked members to consider opportunities for assisting local groups with funding between now and the end of March. Mrs. Irene Walker said that attempts were being made to establish a Beaver Group in the Village and it might be an excellent opportunity to provide financial assistance to that project. Councillors voiced their support for her suggestion.

 Planning Applications: An application to erect a two storey rear extension, and a single storey front extension at 26 Church Road had been granted.

Village Infrastructure Update: The Secretary reported that he had had no contact from the Roads Dept. regarding the Sunnyside junction. Fife Councillor Melville would take the matter up with the Roads. Dept. The Chairman expressed his concerns about pedestrian safety on the High Road to St. Andrews. The condition of the road and the verges made travelling on the route hazardous for both pedestrians and motorists. He wondered if a project involving Fife Council, The Army and the landowners might be a way forward to resolve this perennial problem. The Secretary reported that temporary signage displayed at Lower Main Street during the recent road diversion had not yet been rectified. He had reported the matter to the roads Dept.  Mr. K. Topping queried the fact that there was now a 50 mph speed limit on the A91 between Guardbridge and St. Andrews and yet the limit remained at 60 mph on the narrow road between Guardbridge and Strathkinness. Fife Councillor D. Morrison explained that the high accident rate on that section of the A91 was the prime reason for reducing the speed limit. Mrs. Irene Walker noted that the speed sign at Upper Main Street required attention.

Long Term Projects:

  1. Village Green- No update .
  2. Magus Muir Woodland:-  No update.

Traffic and Transportation Issues:- No update.

Correspondence: Mr. Harry Topping, a former Community Councillor and member of the previous Village Association, attended the meeting and reported that he had had correspondence from Mr. David Douglas, a former resident of the village seeking clarification of details surrounding the ownership of the piece of ground known as Wellgreen. The former community bleachfield, situated in front of 34 High Road and originally the property of the feuars of Strathkinness, appears to have subsequently passed into private ownership. Mr. Douglas is seeking clarification on the validity of this transaction. The Secretary confirmed that there was no reference to any sale of the land in Community Council minutes going back to 1977 or in the Village Association minutes relating to the 1960s.  


The Secretary reported that a long time village resident, Bill Dunn, formerly of Sunnyside, had died last week. Bill had been a very active participant in village life and had served as a Community Councillor for 18 years from 1989. He would be greatly missed by his family and many friends.

Mrs. Irene Walker intimated that the Primary School P7 choir were to perform Carol Singing outside the Tavern at 5.30pm on Sunday.

The Chairman closed the meeting by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and looked forward to seeing them all in the New Year.

 Date of Next Meeting: 11th January 2017 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.