Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 9th November 2016 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Mr. R. Baxter [Chair], Mrs A. Annandale, I.Walker, B.Lawrie, Messrs D. D’Angelis, K. Topping, S. Younger. I Duncan . Fife Councillors K.McCartney & B.Thomson.

1.Apologies:- Mrs. L. Walker, Mr. D. Gilbert . Fife Councillors D. Morrison & F. Melville

2. a) Minutes of the last meeting : Approved by A. Annandale  and seconded by S. Younger. Subject to replacing the word “ negativity” with “observations” in paragraph on Magus Muir.

    b) Matters Arising:

Future use of Village Phone Box:- The Secretary reported that the Community Trust had agreed to support Mrs. Wilson’s project for the redundant telephone kiosk. The Trust has agreed to purchase the kiosk from British Telecom for £1. Fife Council has been collating responses to the Fife wide proposal to dispose of the kiosks and has registered the Strathkinness Community Trust’s interest with British Telecom. The consultation period closed on 7th November and British Telecom will be contacting successful bidders in due course.

Village Christmas Tree:- Mrs. Irene Walker confirmed that the switching-on ceremony to light up the tree would be at the Village Hall at 5pm on 4th December.  The Village School children would provide entertainment and refreshments would be available in the Hall.

3.Standing Items:

  1. Police Report:  The new Community Police Officer Catherine Welsh reported that a car had been broken into in early October. It was hoped that this would be an isolated incident. The Police would be monitoring the traffic flow through the village during the 5 day closure of the A91 at Kincaple. Diversionary routes, which include Main Street Strathkinness, will be in operation. No car parking will be allowed in Main Street during the period of roadworks, commencing on 14th November.  A campaign to ensure that cyclists have proper lighting on their cycles would be launched this week. No further information was available on the training scheduled for the Speedwatch Campaign. As part of the Farmwatch scheme, officers would be reminding farmers of their road safety obligations whilst driving tractors in built up areas.
  2. Planning Applications:  Application to erect a summerhouse at 22 Bonfield Park. No objections noted. Application to erect a two storey rear extension and a single storey front extension at 26 Church Road. No objections noted.
  3. Village Infrastructure Update: It was noted that some of the overgrown hedges had been trimmed. The condition of the road surface at the Lower crossroads was a concern to Councillors. It had been repaired a few weeks ago but was already breaking up. The issue of car parking at the junction of Sunnyside and Main Street was again raised. Councillor Melville had raised the matter with the roads dept., and was awaiting a response. Mrs Irene Walker felt that the matter had been dragging on for too long and the Community Council should be pressing for urgent action to resolve the problem.  
  4. Long Term Projects:  Village Green- The Secretary reported that, at their Annual Members Meeting, the members of the Community Trust had decided not to pursue the provision of an electric power point on the Village Green. The legal process had now begun to transfer ownership of the site to the Community Trust. Final tree planting etc. was to be discussed with Messrs. Headon.
  5.  Magus Muir Woodland:-  The Secretary reported that a donation of £8700 had been given to the Bishop’s Wood project by St.Andrews Community Trust. The Strathkinness Community Trust had appointed Peter Kushner as Woodland Convenor for the project. The Chairman suggested that the Army at Leuchars might be able to assist with infrastructure work in the woodland and would take the matter up with the Leuchars Forum.
  6. Traffic and Transportation Issues:   Fife Councillor Brian Thomson intimated that there had been another slight delay in commencing the work on the extension to Leuchars Station Car Park but work was scheduled to be completed at the end of April.
  7. Treasurer’s Report:  No change from last month’s report.

5. Correspondence: A letter from Ewan Masson, Project Co-ordinator, for the NE Fife charity “Includeme”, requesting an opportunity to address the Community Council on the work of the charity had been received. The Council agreed to ask Mr. Masson to come along to a future meeting.

6. AOCB:

The Glebe.- Several residents of The Glebe attended the meeting to raise the issue of pedestrian access from Sunnyside. The Community Council were of the belief that the through way was created to allow pedestrian access to the village green and the school. The upper end of the access would be adopted by Fife Council in due course. The lower section would remain the responsibility of the residents. It was suggested that they discuss signage for the pathway, particularly in respect of control of dogs, with the developers or their factors.

Sunnyside Ball Games:- Some residents in upper Sunnyside had complained to the Community Council and Fife Council about children playing ball games on the grassed area in front of their houses. The Housing Dept. had re-instated a “no ball games“ sign at the location. A previous sign had disappeared several years ago and not been replaced. Fife Councillor Keith McCartney stated that he had had complaints about the sign being erected from other residents. He was currently investigating the matter. The Community Council agreed that it had no issue with children playing on the grassed area but considered it inappropriate for ball games because of the proximity of gardens, the roadway and parked cars. There was a perfectly adequate and extensive play area some 50 yards away.  

Remembrance Day Service:- Mrs. Irene Walker had kindly agreed to lay the wreath on behalf of the Community Council at the Remembrance Day Service. The Chairman thanked Mrs. Walker for her assistance with the matter.

7. Date of Next Meeting: 14th December 2016 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.