Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 12th October 2016 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Mr. R. Baxter [Chair], Mrs A. Annandale, L. Walker, Messrs D. D’Angelis, K. Topping, S. Younger. I Duncan & D. Gilbert.  Fife Councillors, F.  Melville & D. Morrison.

1.Apologies: Mrs. B.Lawrie . Fife Councillors. B. Thomson & K. McCartney

2. a) Minutes of the last meeting : Approved by L. Walker  and seconded by A. Annandale..

    b) Matters Arising:

Waste Re-cycling:- The Chairman had been unable to attend the meeting on 3rd October which was to discuss the proposed changes to the recycling regime in Fife. Local resident Brian Taylor, had attended the meeting and said that because the original proposals had been withdrawn for further consideration the  meeting had not really progressed matters.

Future use of Village Phone Box:- The Chairman introduced local artist, Lada Wilson, who is seeking the support of the Community Council in her efforts to purchase the village phone box , which has been declared redundant by British Telecom. Fife Council is reviewing public call box usage in rural communities and the Strathkinness facility is scheduled to be removed. Mrs. Wilson would like to see the box used as a mini art gallery for the village. This has been successful in other communities where similar situations have occurred. British Telecom is offering to sell the box to the community for £1. The Community Council was unanimously in favour of Mrs. Wilson’s proposal and would support her in her efforts to develop the project. The Secretary would liase with Mrs. Wilson to facilitate the purchase of the box. The Chairman thanked Mrs. Wilson for her presentation and looked forward to a successful outcome.

Planning procedure- Councillors code of conduct:- Councillor Melville reported on a recent seminar for elected councillors to discuss protocol during planning discussions at Community Council meetings. It would now be accepted practice that elected councillors would remain at the meeting but take no part in any discussion on the relevant planning application. This fact would be noted in the minutes of the meeting. The Chairman welcomed the outcome of the seminar and said that it would do much for local democracy.

 3.Standing Items:

  1. Police Report:   No report.
  2. Planning Applications:  Application to construct Laundry store at Woodland Holidays, Kincaple. No objections noted. Application to erect dwelling house and vehicular entrance at Kincaple Farm. No objections noted.
  3. Village Infrastructure Update: The speed indicator in Main Street had been inoperative for a few days. It had now been repaired. The condition of the verges on the High Road was again giving cause for concern. Heavy vehicles had been using the route to access construction work at Fife Park. The Secretary had sought the assistance of the University Clerk of Works to advise the Contractors to avoid the route which is signed as being unsuitable for HGV’s. Mr. Brian Taylor raised his concern at the overgrown hedges in the village which give drivers difficulty at road junctions and pedestrians restricted access on pavements. Mr. Baxter would investigate the issue.
  4. Long Term Projects:  Village Green- Messrs Headon have as yet been able to get a fix on the cost of providing a power point on the Village Green. They are endeavouring to get an economical solution to the problem. Magus Muir Woodland:-  The Community Trust has completed the purchase of the woodland and await the final certificates of purchase from Fife Council. The Secretary reported that the Trustees had been concerned at some of the negativity expressed at the September meeting and wished to assure the community of their commitment to bring the woodland back to a satisfactory state. Upkeep of the 25 acre site had been the responsibility of Fife Council and it had been somewhat neglectful over recent years and the trustees were grateful for the voluntary work that Elmwood College students had done to repair drains and paths, under the supervision of Tony Wilson. The Trust is awaiting the outcome of a major funding application in support of the woodland and will be appointing a Woodland Group at their AGM on 26th October to participate in the maintenance of the site. Anyone interested in joining the group will be most welcome at the AGM.
  5. Traffic and Transportation Issues: A revised construction schedule for the Leuchars Station Car Park extension means that it should be completed by April 2017. Concern was again raised about the speed of heavy agricultural traffic travelling through the village. The Secretary would take the matter up with the Community Police Officer. Councillor Melville had raised the point about vehicle parking at the Sunnyside/ Main Street junction, and was awaiting a response from Council officials.

 Treasurer’s Report: L. Walker reported a bank balance of £942.

5. Correspondence: No new items

6. AOCB:  

Village Christmas Tree:- Mr. Gilbert intimated that arrangements for the provision of the Annual Christmas Tree were in hand. The tree would again be sited at the Village Hall. Details of switching on ceremony etc. will be announced at the November meeting.

The Secretary noted that the Beechgrove Gardeners Question Time programme had been filmed in the village last month and would be transmitted BBC2 on Thursday 13th October.


7. Date of Next Meeting: 9th November 2016 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.