Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 14th September 2016 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Mr. R. Baxter [Chair], Mrs A. Annandale, B. Lawrie, I. Walker, L. Walker, Messrs D. D’Angelis, K. Topping, S. Younger. Fife Councillors K. McCartney, F.  Melville, B. Thomson.

1. Apologies: Messrs I. Duncan, D. Gilbert.  Fife Councillor  D. Morrison.

2. a) Minutes of the last meeting : Approved by L. Walker  and seconded by D. D’Angelis.

    b) Matters Arising: None

3 .Standing Items:

  1. Police Report:  Daniel Crighton gave a report on the 3 reported crimes in the village since 1st July.  Of particular concern was the theft from a garden shed and the vandalism caused within the Community garden.  The youths responsible have been referred to the Youth Justice System.  A speed watch campaign is scheduled for 21st September. Other plans to resurrect the Community Speedwatch scheme appear to be on hold at present.  Inconsiderate parking at the western end of Sunnyside was raised with particular concern being that buses and larger vehicles were struggling to negotiate the route.  It was agreed that the relevant Fife Council officials conduct a site visit to reappraise the situation.                                            
  2. Planning Applications:  No issues.
  3. Village Infrastructure Update: During mid October the A91, St Andrews to Fast and Fresh junction, will be closed for 2/3 days around a weekend, thus meaning that traffic will be diverted through the village. The Belisha beacons at the school are not working.  I.Walker agreed to report this and to seek a longer term solution to these lights regularly requiring replacement.  
  4. Long Term Projects:  The handover of Magus Muir to the Community Trust is imminent as is the Village Green now that the final house has been sold.  The costs associated with providing a power supply on the Green continue to rise.  Final costs are required from the developer by next month at the latest.
  5. Traffic and Transportation Issues: Progress is being made with the car park extension at Leuchars railway station with an estimated date for completion of March 2017.

 Treasurer’s Report: L. Walker reported that the annual grant had been received from Fife Council and that the bank balance stood at c£900.  Consideration should now be given to any awards of funding to village causes.

4. Proposed use of Village Telephone Box: Local artist Lada Wilson had contacted the Community Council outlining her plan to convert the telephone box in Sunnyside into a mini Art Gallery under the ‘adopt a phone box scheme’. Lada will attend the next meeting to give details of her proposals and to seek the support of the Community Council.

5. Correspondence: No new items

6. AOCB:  

a) Councillors are soon to attend a seminar to clarify their code of conduct at Community Council meetings when planning applications are being discussed.  F. Melville agreed to provide feedback at the next meeting.

b) Should discussion recommence on the large development proposed for the Western extension of St Andrews, it was agreed that the opportunity should be taken to raise once again the proposition of a footpath from Strathkinness to St Andrews.

c) The current state of Magus Muir was raised and a worry being that the wood had deteriorated in the last 3 years since the consultant’s report had been published. For example, dog fouling and fly tipping were escalating. Dead trees and branches were making the walkways dangerous and not wheelchair or pushchair friendly.  These observations and others are to be passed to the Community Trust.

d) The village has been awarded a Gold Medal from Beautiful Fife recognising the exceptional high standard represented throughout, and a Horticultural Achievement award from Beautiful Scotland for the Strathkinness Allotment Project, which in the eyes of the judges reflects horticultural achievement, environmental responsibility and community participation. The limiting factor for the future is finding enough volunteers to plant the tubs, water, maintain and deadhead, continues to be an annual problem.

e) The changes and new arrangements for disposing of household waste at recycling centres in Fife were discussed. Concerns were raised with regard to an increase in illegal dumping of garden and household rubbish in the countryside, and the implications for small businesses, especially one man gardening enterprises. It was agreed that the Chairman write to Fife Council outlining these views on the changes and that he plans to attend a meeting in St Andrews on 3rd October which will debate the matter.

7. Date of Next Meeting: 12th October 2016 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.