Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Wed 8th June  2016 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Messrs. R. Baxter [Chair], I. Duncan, D. D’Angelis,D. Gilbert, K. Topping & S. Younger. Mrs. A.Annandale, B. Lawrie, I. Walker & L.Walker . Fife Councillor.  B. Thomson.

Apologies:-   Fife Councillors. D. Morrison, F.Melville & K.McCartney.

Chairman’s Report:- Steady but slow  progress had been made during the past year on community issues. The building development in the centre of the village, which had taken nearly a decade, was now complete and, with the final landscaping of the Village Green taking shape, the whole area would be a significant asset to the village. The Community Council’s fight to retain the Millennium Woodland in public ownership had been very protracted but ultimately successful with the imminent purchase by the Community Trust from Fife Council. The recreational, educational and environmental opportunities for the location are a great reward for the efforts of everyone involved in the project. The installation of the electronic speed indicator on Main Street had been completed during the past year and should be a useful road safety device by helping to reduce the speed of traffic through the village. The proposed housing development for 76 houses, by Avant Homes, between Bonfield Road and the High Road had been viewed with considerable concern, and the number of objections had meant that a pre determination hearing had been held to give villagers an opportunity to express their views to Fife Council officials and elected Councillors on the impact of this 20% increase on village housing stock. School capacity , drainage, road safety were among the issues highlighted. The outcome of the local planning committee review of the hearing will be discussed later in the meeting. The Chairman congratulated the Community Trust on winning a Gold award as the Best Small Village in the Beautiful Fife 2016 competition. The work of the Trust and the Community Garden will be featured in a Beechgrove Garden TV programme in late September. The Chairman was very keen to see how communications between groups in the village could be improved in the future. The Chairman thanked his fellow Community Councillors and the Fife Councillors for their support during the past year.

Treasurer’s Report:- Lyn Walker presented the annual accounts, which showed that the Council were currently holding funds of £570. The adoption of the accounts, proposed by R.Baxter and seconded by I. Duncan, was unanimously agreed. The Chairman thanked Mrs. Walker for her report.

Election of Officials:- I Duncan proposed that, as all sitting officials were prepared to stand again for re-election, they could be elected en bloc. This was seconded by K. Topping and agreed unanimously by the Council. The officials are:-

Chair:- Robin Baxter.

Vice Chair:- Irene Walker.

Secretary:- I. Duncan.

Treasurer:- Lyn Walker.

Minutes of May meeting:- Approved by B. Lawrie and seconded by A. Annandale.

Matters arising:-

Bob Martin – Open Golf Champion:-  The Secretary confirmed that he is continuing his quest to trace more information on Mr. Martin.

Kirk & Community:- The Secretary reported that Mrs. Elaine Wilson had been appointed editor of the Kirk & Community Newsletter. He had no publication details to hand, but when they became available he would circulate the information to Councillors.

Standing items:-

Planning:- No applications had been noted during the past month.

Avant Development:- Councillor Thomson reported on the Local Planning committee review of the planning application , which had been held earlier in the day. There had been a presentation by the Planning Officer followed by a 2 hour discussion of the issues raised by the objectors and the subsequent responses from the developers. The Councillors voted to recommend that the number of houses be reduced from 76 to 66 and more clarification was required to answer the drainage, educational and road safety issues. The final decision on the application will be dealt with by the full Fife Council on 30th June. The Community Council agreed  that a letter, outlining their continuing concerns about the development, particularly in respect of the creation of a through route from Bonfield Park, site drainage, the pedestrian access to Bonfield Road and the  impact on the pre-school and primary school rolls, should be circulated to all 76 Fife Councillors.

Police Report:- Community Police Sergeant Pat Turner was pleased to reassure Councillors that they did not live in a hotbed of crime when he reported on the crime statistics for the community over the past few months. Incidents of speeding were most prevalent with one motorist, caught doing 48 mph on the High Road, being reported for dangerous driving. Several local residents had been cautioned for speeding.  One case of drunk driving had been reported, not involving a local resident. There had been one case of vandalism causing damage to a garden fence in Main Street. The culprits had been traced and necessary action taken. Sergeant Turner highlighted the dangers of computer scams when he reported that one elderly local resident had been defrauded of a substantial sum of money. These criminals were extremely clever and users should never give out bank details over the phone to strangers. Sergeant Turner confirmed that the Speedwatch campaign was being re-launched this month and volunteers would be required to be retrained on the updated equipment.  K. Topping said that he was again putting himself forward for training and hoped that some other local residents would join him on the training programme. Sergeant Turner said that the introduction of “Bob” the cut out police figure, had been a useful addition to the fight against speeding traffic. The Chairman thanked the Sergeant for his presentation.

Village Infrastructure and traffic update: It was noted that parts of the street lighting network were operating out of sequence. Mrs. Irene Walker said that the issue had been reported to the Lighting Department. K.Topping reported his concerns about a deep pothole which had appeared on the Kincaple Loan. Mrs. Lyn Walker highlighted the serious erosion at the edge of the east bound B939 roadway at the Pitscottie end of the Blebo Mains bends, the problem seemed to worsening.  Councillor Brian Thomson said that he would contact the Roads Department on both issues.

Transportation:- No issues reported.

Magus Muir:- The Secretary reported that the final legal hurdles appeared to have been cleared and the deal should be concluded during the summer.

Public Open Space:- The Secretary was still awaiting final costing details for the provision of an electrical point on the Village Green. Messrs. Headon were awaiting clarification from the energy suppliers. D.Gilbert said that the power point would be a useful asset for the future, should anyone wish to organise an event on the Village Green , he was very confident that additional funding could be raised to assist in the project. S.Younger questioned whether it would be worth spending up to £2000 when there was going to be very limited usage.  Local resident Brian Taylor suggested that a small portable generator would be a suitable and less costly alternative. Concerns of noise and equipment security were highlighted should a generator be used. It was agreed that as soon as the Secretary had accurate cost figures, he would circulate the Councillors seeking their decision on whether to proceed with support for the project. A meeting of representatives of the Community Council, the Community Trust and Messrs. Headon would be held to discuss the positioning of the power point.

Community Trust:- Judging for the Beautiful Fife competition takes place on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th July.


St.Andrews Preservation Trust:- Letter advising the Council that the Preservation Trust had taken on the role of mentoring the St.Andrews Green Belt from the Green Belt Forum. The Trust would be liasing with the surrounding Community Councils on planning  matters relating to the Green Belt.

Tayplan:- Letter outlining the submission to the Scottish Ministers in respect of the proposed Strategic Development Plan.


The Chairman thanked everyone for their support and wished them well for the summer recess.

Next meeting:- Will be on Wednesday 14th September 2016 in Church Hall at 7.30pm