Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 9th March 2016 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:-Messrs. R.Baxter.[Chair], D. D’Angelis, I.Duncan, D.Gilbert, K.Topping & S. Younger . Mrs.A. Annandale, B.Lawrie, I. Walker, L.Walker.  Fife Councillors. K.McCartney , B. Thomson & D. Morrison..

Apologies:- Fife Councillor F. Melville.

Minutes of last meeting:- Approved by B.Lawrie and seconded by A.Annandale.

Matters arising:-

Army Liason Group:- Mrs. Elaine Gilbert had attended the meeting as a representative of the Community Council. It was noted that the Army base was currently operating at 85% capacity. The Military Police presence was being increased and would be at full strength by end of 2017. No large deployment was planned for 2016. No night flying was planned for the foreseeable future. Meetings were to be held at four monthly intervals. The Chairman thanked Mrs. Gilbert for attending the forum.

Standing items:-

Police Report:- Community Police Officer Crichton had advised the Secretary that he was investigating the possible unauthorised use of motorised quadbikes on Church Road and Bonfield Road. He also reported that speed and traffic monitoring on the diversionary routes for the Guardbridge roadworks was very much ongoing. It was noted that speed cameras had been deployed in Strathkinness very frequently.

Treasurer’s report:- No change to bank balance. Councillors discussed funding assistance for local activities and agreed to make the following grants:- £150 to the Village Hall Committee Christmas Tree Project, £250 for the Community Trust Village Green Project and £250 to the Community Trust Magus Muir Woodland Project.

Village Infrastructure and traffic update:  

Potholes:- The increased traffic activity on the High Road had caused significant deterioration on the road surface and verges. It was hoped that the damage would be made good after the diversionary routes had ceased.

Transportation:- No adverse reports had been received concerning bus services through the village during the Guardbridge  road closure.

Magus Muir:- The Secretary reported that matters were progressing. Clarification was being sought on the responsibility of maintenance on the Covenanters’ Grave site situated on the edge of the woodland. The Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association has indicated that it would be willing to provide funds to assist in any preservation work required.

Public Open Space:- The Secretary reported that Headon Developments are continuing with their works to clear the site.

 Planning:-  It was noted that work had been completed on the outbuilding at 13 Bonfield Road.

Avant Homes Proposed Development. The Chairman proposed that a meeting of all parties who objected to the Bonfield Development proposal be convened by the Community Council to discuss the responses for the Public Hearing to be held in the Village Hall at 6.30pm on 19th April 2016. It was agreed to do this as soon as notification papers had been issued by Fife Council.  The Chairman had also spoken to Mr. Morrison, the Primary School Headmaster, regarding the likely impact that any new housing would have on the school roll. Mr.Morrison said that, currently, the school would be in a position to cope with up to 100 pupils, and at the end of the current term there would be 80 pupils on the roll.


Mrs. Slack, Church Road, had written to the Council expressing her concerns for the future production of the Kirk & Community Newsletter. Mrs. Duval, the current editor, has an extremely busy schedule and Mrs. Slack hoped that the Community Council would assist in any way possible to ensure that this excellent newsletter would continue to be delivered regularly to every household in the village.


Kirk & Community:- Mrs. I. Walker proposed that representatives from the Community Council should meet with the Kirk Session to see what assistance could be given to maintain the production of the Community Newsletter. The proposal was welcomed by the Council and Mrs. A. Annandale would join Mrs. Walker in the discussions.

Community Trust:- The Secretary reported that, subject to final technical details being arranged,  Strathkinness would be hosting the  BBC Beechgrove Garden TV Autumn Roadshow in September. More information should be available by the next meeting.

Next meeting:- Will be on Wednesday 13th April 2016 in Lower Church Hall at 7.30pm