Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 10th February 2016 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:-Messrs. R.Baxter.[Chair], I. Duncan, D. Gilbert, & S. Younger . Mrs.A. Annandale & B.Lawrie.  Fife Councillors. F. Melville & B. Thomson.

Apologies:- Messrs. D.D’Angelis & K.Topping. Mrs. I.Walker & L. Walker.  Councillors. D. Morrison & K.McCartney.

Minutes of last meeting:- Approved by D.Gilbert and seconded by S. Younger.

Matters arising:-

Avant Homes:-  Councillor Melville intimated that, because of the number of objections to the development application , a pre-determination hearing will be held in the Village Hall on a date to be confirmed. It is hoped to hold the hearing in mid April. The hearing will give objectors and the developers an opportunity to outline their positions to Fife Councillors, Officials and residents. The matter will then go to the Local Planning Committee for consideration before being ratified by the Fife Planning Committee at Glenrothes.

Standing items:-

Police Report:- No report.

Treasurer’s report:- No change to bank balance.

Village Infrastructure and traffic update:

Kincaple Traffic:- Fife Councillor B. Thomson reported on the results of the speed monitoring on the C4 at Kincaple. The assessment of the transport officials was that the average speeds recorded were in line with results on similar roads in the area. Councillor Thomson would discuss the results with Colin Stirling of the Roads Dept.

Accident at Lower Crossroads:-  Mr.Gilbert highlighted the details of the accident which occurred at the lower crossroads on 19th January 2016. The photographic images captured the extensive damage to both vehicles. The details will be retained on the Community Council register of accidents at this location.

Potholes:- The increasing number of potholes on roads in and around the village was noted. Concerns were expressed about the edge of the roads on the High Road, as the recent rains had washed away long sections leaving deep ruts. This could impact on traffic using the diversionary routes off the A91 during the Guardbridge closure. The section of  the High Road between Netherton road end and the Rumond which readily floods after heavy rain also gave cause for concern. The Fife Councillors would report on these matters.

Magus Muir:- The Secretary reported that the formal offer to purchase the woodland had been received by the Community Trust and the legal implications were currently being scrutinised.  It was hoped that the matter could be finalised in the near future.

Public Open Space:- The Secretary reported that Headon Developments had offered to install an electrical power point in the vicinity of the seating area.  Mr. Gilbert proposed that their offer should be accepted and that he would organise a group to fund the annual running costs of around £100. His proposal was supported by the Council. Messrs Headon anticipated that ground works should be completed in early spring and further planting would take place in the autumn. They planned to transfer ownership of the site to the Community Trust after all works are completed.

At this stage the 2 elected Fife Councillors left the meeting.

Planning:-  An application for  a 2 storey extension at 66 Main Street had been submitted to the Planning Authority.  Mr. & Mrs. Box who reside at 66A Main Street, addressed the Community Council, outlining their objections to the proposed development. They sought the support of the Community Council to oppose the application. After a detailed and lengthy discussion the Community Council considered that they had insufficient grounds to support the objections to the application. The Chairman, Mr. Baxter, urged Mr. & Mrs. Box to seek professional advice on some of the technical and legal matters raised, and on which the Community Council is not qualified to adjudicate. Any Councillor who wished to object to the application, could do so individually. Mr. Baxter thanked Mr.& Mrs.Box  for their presentation.


Mrs. Lawrie raised her concerns about youngsters using motorised quadbikes on Church Road and Bonfield Road and questioned the legality of their actions. The matter would be raised with the Community Police Officer

Next meeting:- Will be on Wednesday 9th March 2016 in the Church Hall at 7.30pm