Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 9th December 2015 at 7.30pm in Lower Church Hall.

Present:- Mrs. I. Walker [Chair] , A. Annandale, B.Lawrie, L.Walker, Messrs. I Duncan, K.Topping & S. Younger.  Fife Councillor. B. Thomson.

Apologies:- Messrs.R. Baxter. D.D’Angelis & D. Gilbert.  Councillors. F. Melville & D. Morrison & K. McCartney.

St.Andrews University Heating Pipeline Project. Mrs.Irene Walker introduced Mrs. Verity Brown, Vice Principal [Enterprise & Engagement] who, with her team of advisers and contractor representatives, addressed the Community Council on the establishment of the biomass power station at Guardbridge and the installation of a hot water pipeline system between Guardbridge and the University’s North Haugh complex in St.Andrews. After a detailed outline of the construction process Mr. Ashley Ward of Vital Energy, the main contractors, then discussed the impact the 8 week road closure of Guardbridge Main Street and the installation of traffic lights on the A91 between the Guardbridge Roundabout and C4 Kincaple junction, would have on people travelling to and from Leuchars Station and Dundee. Discussions with Fife Council have led to the creation of a major diversionary route via Dairsie Roundabout and the A92 to St. Michaels via Balmullo. Revised timetables and routes had been finalised with public transport providers.  The traffic light system on the A91 was to be manned during the day to prioritise traffic flow. Early warning signage will be installed over the next few weeks.  All this information would be publicised in the local press. Community Councillors raised their concerns that the alternative route to and from St.Andrews via  Strathkinness High Road and Dairsie Bridge would become a “rat run” as motorists sought to avoid the pinch points at Guardbridge. That route was very narrow in places and totally unsuitable for HGV’s.  Fife Council Roads Dept. was to monitor traffic usage once the system became operative on 15th February 2016. Mr. Topping voiced his concerns about road safety issues with the increased traffic on the C4 at Kincaple.  Mrs. Lynn Walker expressed her disappointment at the lateness of the consultation process on the project and felt that local communities have had no opportunity to discuss the disruption that the closure of the road would cause. Councillor Brian Thomson said he had been unaware that it would be necessary to close the road, as that had not been part of the planning process. Mr. Ward, said that he had every confidence that the job would be completed within the 8 week period. Mrs. Brown closed their presentation by saying the Biomass project was just the first stage in the major development plan for the Guardbridge site. The University was confident that the continuing development of “high tech” projects on the site would lead to the creation of around 250 new jobs. Further consultation meetings were being planned and the Community Council would be kept informed of any developments. The Chair thanked the team for their very detailed presentation and hoped that a good line of communication would be maintained during the project.

Minutes of last meeting:- Approved by Brenda Lawrie and seconded by Alison Annandale.

Matters arising:-

Christmas Tree Switch on:- Mrs. Irene Walker wished to minute her appreciation of the efforts of the Village Hall Committee and the Primary School staff and pupils for the very successful event on the 6th of December. A large turnout of villagers had greatly enjoyed the children’s entertainment.

Army Liason Committee- Leuchars Station:- The Chairman was continuing his efforts to find a representative to join the committee.

Standing items:-

Police Report:- No report. The Secretary was asked to invite a Community Police Officer to attend the January meeting to discuss policing policy during the Guardbridge Road closure.

Treasurer’s report:- The Treasurer reported that Fife Council Annual Grant of £521 had been received and the bank balance was currently £1220.

Planning Applications:-Application to use part of garage workshop as an MOT bay at 15 Main Street, [EJ Cockburn & Sons]. No objections noted.

The Secretary noted that no application had yet been submitted by Avant Homes for the Bonfield site..

Village Infrastructure and traffic update:

Lower Crossroads:- Councillor Thomson reported that the Fife Council Roads Dept. would not participate in a specific accident monitoring system for the junction. However the Community Council could create a register of accidents for future reference.

Kincaple Traffic:- Fife Councillor B. Thomson had raised the issue of placing a concealed entrance warning sign at Kincaple with the roads Dept. and was awaiting their response.

C4 Speed Monitoring:- Cllr. Thomson reported that speed monitoring on the C4 had commenced.

Flooding on Low Road and High Road:- Mrs. Lynn Walker highlighted the problem of flooding at the entrance to Nether Strathkinness Farm. This had caused a serious accident during the recent wet weather. Councillor Thomson said he would take up the issue with the Roads Dept.

Community Website:- No report.

Magus Muir:- The Secretary reported that Fife Council North East Fife Locality Fund had made a grant of £1000 to Strathkinness Community Trust for their Millennium Woodland project at Magus Muir.

Next meeting:- Will be on Wednesday 13th January 2016 in the Church Hall at 7.30pm