Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 11th November 2015 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Messrs.Mr. R. Baxter [Chair], D.D’Angelis, I Duncan, D. Gilbert, K.Topping & S. Younger. Mrs A. Annandale, B. Lawrie, I. Walker, L.Walker.  Fife Councillors. K. McCartney & B. Thomson.

Apologies:-., Councillors. F. Melville & D. Morrison.

Minutes of last meeting:- Approved by L.Walker seconded by D.D’Angelis. Subject to the removal of the first two sentences under paragraph headed “Open Space at The Glebe” and the insertion of the following:- “ The Chairman reported that he and the Secretary had held a further meeting with Headon Developments to ascertain the final options for the completion of the site. Headons had subsequently submitted three options for consideration. Option [1] was for an extended pathway area to the eastern edge of the site. Option [2] was for a shortened pathway up to Church Road. Option [3] was to transfer ownership and management of the site to a Glasgow based charitable trust. Option [1] meant that ownership was to be transferred to the Community Trust with a perpetuity payment of £11,608.60, with Option [2] ownership was to be transferred to the Community Trust with a perpetuity payment of £21,000. Headon Developments offered to increase that payment to £25,000 in an attempt to reach a satisfactory position for all parties. After a lengthy discussion, Councillors unanimously supported the design proposal for Option [2].”

Matters arising:-

Remembrance Service. The Chairman thanked Mrs. Irene Walker for laying the wreath on behalf of the Community Council.

Claremont Wind Farm:- The Community Council agreed that it would not be objecting to the planning application.

Guardbridge Road Closure:- A timetable for the works had now been issued. Councillors expressed strong feelings regarding the impact that the works would have on traffic flow through Strathkinness, as motorists would seek a “rat run” to avoid the major disruption caused by the closure of Main Street in Guardbridge for 2 months. The Chairman reported that he was awaiting responses from the contractors to his suggestion that there would be less disruption if the pipework could be done by underground drilling.  Councillors supported a proposal by Mrs. Lynn Walker that the Community Council should write to the Chief Executive of Fife Council and the Principal of St.Andrews University to express their dissatisfaction at the lack of consultation with the Community Council on the matter.

Standing items:-

Police Report:- No report.

Treasurer’s report:- The Treasurer reported that current balance was £698.

Planning Applications:-Application for single storey extension at 22. Bonfield Road. No objections noted.

The Secretary reported that Geddes Consulting had been in touch to say that preparation for the planning application for the Bett’s housing development at Bonfield was progressing and they anticipated that the application would be submitted by the end of November. The proposal would include the Council housing plans for Bonfield Park. Fife Council Planning dept. had written to the Community Council outlining the “statutory consultee” process. The Secretary would follow this matter in due course. The Chairman intimated that he was to attend a seminar at Fife Council on Planning on 23rd November.

Village Infrastructure and traffic update: Village Speed sign :- The speed indicator adjustment had been corrected.

 Lower Crossroads:- The Secretary reported that he had spoken with Mr. Sangster of North East Fife Safety Panel re the monitoring of accidents at the location. Mr.Sangster suggested that Fife Council Roads dept. would keep up to date records. This would be followed up. Councillors supported Mr. D. Gilbert’s proposal that the Community Council set up a mechanism to report every accident to the Roads Dept.

School Cossing lights:-. Mrs. I. Walker reported that the beacons were now operative.

Kincaple Traffic:- Fife Councillors B. Thomson and K. McCartney said that they would highlight the safety issues at the Kincaple Junctions on the C4 at the next Roads Committee meeting.

C4 Speed Monitoring:- Cllr. Thomson reported that speed monitoring on the C4 would commence soon and he would report back with the results at a later date.

Community Website:- No report.

Long Term Projects:-

Magus Muir:- The Secretary reported that an offer to sell the site to the community for £500 had been received from Fife Council. The Community Council agreed unanimously that the Strathkinness Community Trust be recommended to take ownership of the site on behalf of the community. The Trust had agreed to take on that role, subject to agreeable terms and conditions. The Trust had already received offers of financial support from villagers in excess of £350, for the project.

Open space at The Glebe:- The Secretary reported that the Community Trust had agreed in principle to accept ownership of the site. It was awaiting a response from Messrs. Headon on points raised regarding the final preparation of the site, particularly about drainage, seeding and planting. No indication of electrical provision had been received to date.  


Christmas Tree:- Mr.Gilbert reminded councillors that the Tree Lighting Ceremony, at the Village Hall, was to be held at 5pm on Sunday 6th December.

Army Liason Committee- Leuchars Station:- The Chairman reported that he had an invitation from the Army Liason Committee to have a representative of the Community Council attend the  Liason committee meetings. Unfortunately the monthly meetings are held at the same time as the Community Council. He would continue his quest to find a representative for the village.

Next meeting:- Will be on Wednesday 9th December 2015 in the Lower Church Hall at 7.30pm