Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 14th October 2015 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Messrs.Mr. R. Baxter [Chair], D.D’Angelis I Duncan, D. Gilbert, K.Topping, S. Younger. Mrs A. Annandale, I. Walker, L.Walker.  Fife Councillors, F. Melville & B. Thomson.

Apologies:-.Mrs B. Lawrie , Councillors. K.McCartney & D. Morrison.

Minutes of last meeting:- Approved by S.Younger seconded by I.Walker.

Matters arising:-

Superfast Broadband – The Secretary reported that Superfast broadband was now available in Strathkinness and that BT was accepting orders.

Guardbridge Road Closure:- No further information had been issued regarding the project. Councillor Melville indicated that consultation was continuing and a revised timetable should soon be available.

Leuchars Station Car Park:- Councillor Melville reported that the land purchase for the new car park had been finalised and a new works schedule for the project was being prepared.

Standing items:-

Police Report:- No report.

Treasurer’s report:- The Treasurer reported that current balance was £698. The Secretary noted that the application for next year’s grant from Fife Council had been submitted.

Planning Applications:-Application for dormer extension at The Coach House, Kincaple. No objections noted.

Village Infrastructure and traffic update: Village Speed sign :- It was noted that the sign had now  been fitted . Councillor Thomson reported that an adjustment to the speed indicator, which was set for 30mph and not 20mph,. was due to be made very soon.

 Lower Crossroads:- Councillor Melville reported that the Roads Dept. had stated current regulations meant  that there was little or no chance of “STOP” signs being installed at the lower crossroads. It would appear that visibility at the junction is well above the threshold where a “STOP” sign could be permitted. Community Councillors continue to dispute the number of accidents recorded at the junction by the Police and Fife Council.

School Cossing lights:- It was noted that both beacons were inoperative. Mrs. I. Walker was to report the matter to the Street Lighting Dept.

Kincaple Traffic:- Mr. Topping highlighted the problem for drivers exiting from Kincaple onto the Guardbridge  to Strathkinness road. The distance from the blind summit at Kincaple Farm to the Kincaple junction was quite short, and cars travelling south at the permitted 60mph did not have much time to brake should they find a  slowly exiting vehicle in their path. He felt improved warning signage would help.   

Community Website:- No report.

Long Term Projects:-

Magus Muir:-  The Chairman reported that he and the Secretary had met with Mr.McArdle of Fife Council Estates Dept. to see what progress could be made in preparing the future plans for the site. It would appear that, as long as the terms and conditions of the original project are met, the Lottery Fund has no objections to Fife Council selling the woodland to the Community Council or the Community Trust . Mr.McArdle stated that Fife Council had welcomed the Management Plan, prepared by AW Countryside Services on behalf of the Community Council, and sponsored by the Forestry Commission last year, and would in all probability be making an offer to sell the site to the community for a sum of £500. The Chairman said that passing ownership to the Community Trust would likely be the best way to deal with the transaction. The Secretary indicated that grant aid towards the purchase of the site was possible and the matter was to be discussed at the AGM of the Trust at the end of October. The District Valuer had placed a value of approximately £20,000 on the woodland. It was noted that should Fife Council dispose of the site to a commercial interest the original lottery funding of £15,000 would have to be repaid to the National lottery.  Once the formal offer had been received a meeting of all interested parties would be held to discuss the purchase and the future management of the site.

Open space at The Glebe:- The Chairman presented the final plan from Headon Developments for the landscaping of the site. The Community Council unanimously supported the design of the layout. Because the new plan is significantly altered from the original layout approved in 2011, Headon Developments would now submit the amended plan for approval by Fife Council. On final approval, and once all the legal and financial matters have been agreed between the developers and the Community Trust, ownership of the site would pass to the Trust. Headon Developments are also investigating the possibility of providing an electric power point on the site.


Fife Council; Democratic Services:- Letter outlining training proposals for Community Councils. The Secretary would respond to the survey.

Stephen Gethins MP. Letter outlining his proposals for working with Community Councils.


Christmas Tree:- Mr.Gilbert reported that matters were well in hand. The Tree Lighting Ceremony, at the Village Hall, was to be held at 5pm on Sunday 6th December.

Remembrance Service:- Mrs. Irene Walker would lay the Wreath on behalf of the Community Council.

Village Groups:- The Chairman intimated that he was still working on his proposals to have a meeting of all Village Groups in the near future.

Claremont Wind Farm:- The Secretary reported that the planning application for the wind farm was due to be submitted shortly.

Next meeting:- Will be on Wednesday 11th November 2015 in the Church Hall at 7.30pm