Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 9th September 2015 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Messrs.Mr. R. Baxter [Chair], I Duncan, D. Gilbert, S. Younger. Mrs A. Annandale, I. Walker.,  Fife Councillors, F. Melville, K. McCartney, D. Morrison & B. Thomson.

Apologies:-.Mrs B. Lawrie , L. Walker & Messrs D. D’Angelis & K. Topping.

Minutes of last meeting:- Approved by I.Walker seconded by S. Younger.

Matters arising:-

Fife Council Customer Focus Project:- The Chairman reported that along with the Secretary he had attended the meeting last month to participate in a discussion on aspects of the planning system from the  Community Council perspective.  Matters discussed included Structure and local Plans, Lines of communication and improved interaction between Community Councils and Fife Council. Although only around 20 Community Councils out of a total of 85 were present, a wide range of points were made and will be responded to in due course by the Development Team Leader.

Standing items:-

Police Report:- The Community Police Officer reported that speed monitoring in the village had continued throughout the summer. Several motorists had been reported for speeding. A couple of reports concerning vehicle parking had been dealt with and action taken. Councillors raised the matter of the accident reporting system in view of the fact that the recorded number of accidents at the lower crossroads does not correspond with the actual total. Councillors felt that the inaccurate statistic conceals the fact that the crossroads safety measures are not as effective as the authorities believe. Monitoring of road safety issues outside the school were continuing.  

Treasurer’s report:- No report..

Planning Applications:-Application for change of use at Riverview Guest House, Edenside, from guest house to house of multiple occupancy. No objections noted.

Application for single storey extension at 36 Bonfield Road. No objections noted.

Application for screening for proposed housing development at land infill site, Nydie Mains Road.[Adjacent to Bonfield Playing Field]. Earliest date for planning application will be 17.11.15.

Village Infrastructure and traffic update: Village Speed sign :- no date firm date for final installation due to back log of work.

 Lower Crossroads:- No repair work is programmed for the safety road surface. New warning signs will be fitted in due course.

Guardbridge roadworks:- It was noted that due to installation of pipework for the St.Andrews University Biofuel heating project, Main street in Guardbridge will be closed for a total of 8 weeks next spring. Travel to Leuchars and Dundee will involve a 7.8 mile detour via Dairsie roundabout and St. Michaels. The road between Strathkinness and Edenside will also be closed for a period to allow the pipework to be installed en route to North Haugh. Significant changes for public service travel timetables will be published later.

Community Website:- Mr. Younger highlighted the improvements he had made to the Diary Page on the website. The project was ongoing and as long as information is passed to him he can update the contents accordingly. The Chairman thanked Mr. Younger for his efforts, and stated that he was still progressing his proposed meeting with local groups to improve input to the website.

Long Term Projects:-

Magus Muir:-  The elected councillors reported that they had read and approved the report from Mr. McArdle in support of the transfer of the site to the community. The final details of the proposal should be finalised within the next few days and available for discussion at the October meeting.

Open space at The Glebe:- The Chairman reported that he and the Secretary had recently met with Mr. Mathie,  a director of Headon Developments, to discuss the final stage of the public open space layout. An amended plan showing a reduction in the pathway on the second stage was discussed in some detail and it was felt that clarification was required to see how much the plan deviated from the original plan submitted to, and approved by, Fife Council in 2007 and an amended plan submitted for approval in 2011. Councillors felt that a public meeting with the developers to clarify the plans and financial details would be helpful in the decision making process, before taking the site into community ownership.

Avant Homes:- It was noted that Avant/ Bett Homes and Geddes Consulting held a drop in exhibition in the Village Hall to outline their proposals for the housing development between the High Road and Bonfield Road.  Approximately 60 homes would be built on the site. A full planning application was unlikely to be submitted before November 2015. A staged development over several years was the likely timetable for the project.


Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland:- Public consultation information for proposed changes ward boundaries in Fife Council area. Strathkinness is not affected by proposals.

Fife Council; Democratic Services:- Letter and poster publicising recruitment campaign for Children’s Panel.

Notification of Triathlon route through Strathkinness on Sunday 25th October 2015.

Fife Council: Transportation and Environmental Services:- Progress report and timetable for new Leuchars Station Car Park.

Community Initiative North East Fife- Superfast Broadband:- Letter highlighting the imminent roll out of superfast broadband in the local area and pointing out that some areas in the community might not get connectivity to the service. Help with connecting to the service is available through the Initiative, who is working with Fife Voluntary Action and Community Broadband Scotland to help prevent digital divide being created in rural areas. According to latest on-line information Strathkinness should have superfast broadband within the next 6 months.

AOCB:- Councillor McCartney said he was working on a project to find out more information on the soldiers named on the War Memorial. He would welcome any local knowledge that would assist the project. He also submitted a newsletter from the Scottish Covenanter Memorial Association to be retained in the Magus Muir files.

Next meeting:- Will be on Wednesday 14th October 2015 in the Church Hall at 7.30pm