Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Wed 10th June 2015 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Messrs.Mr. R. Baxter [Chair], D.DeAngelis, I Duncan, D. Gilbert, S. Younger. Mrs A. Annandale, B. Lawrie, I. Walker, L. Walker,  Fife Councillor B. Thomson.

Apologies:-. Fife Councillors F. Melville, D. Morrison & K.McCartney.

Attending:- Mr K. Topping.

Minutes of the last meeting:- Approved by D. Gilbert , seconded by D. DeAngelis.

Chairman’s Report:- Mr. Baxter highlighted the various matters that the Community Council had been endeavouring to progress during the past 12 months. Millennium Woodland at Magus Muir- Progress on this project had been very slow and the Community Council, as stakeholders, are anxious that public access to the site is retained. The work organised and carried out by Tony Wilson to maintain the paths and woodland, was greatly appreciated. The next stage is a report from the District Valuer in respect of the disposal of the site. It was to be hoped that a proposal on the future of the woodland would be available for the September meeting. Public open Space at The Glebe – Headon Developments have intimated that they should be clearing their work site over the next few weeks. They propose to landscape the remaining area and details of the tree planting etc. should be prepared for the September meeting. Main Street Speed Sign- The solar powered speed sign was to be sited in Lower Main Street, the post was in place and it was to be hoped that the illuminated sign would soon be connected and assist in slowing traffic down.  New Housing at Bonfield- the proposed Fife Council development for 16 houses at Bonfield Park appeared to have stalled, and the Avant Homes proposal for over 50 houses on the land adjacent to Bonfield Playing Field was still in the early planning stage. The chairman also noted that the street lighting upgrade had now been completed. He congratulated the Community Trust on their floral displays and community garden.  He thanked his fellow councillors and the elected Fife Councillors for their assistance during the past year.

Annual Accounts :- The treasurer, Mrs. L.Walker , presented the annual accounts, which showed a surplus of £256, for approval.   R. Baxter proposed the adoption of the accounts this was seconded by A.Annandale and agreed by the Council. Mr. Baxter thanked Mrs. Walker for her assistance.

Election of officials:- As the retiring officials were all prepared to stand for a further year, I. Duncan proposed that they be returned en bloc and was seconded by D.Gilbert.

The officials are:-

Chair:-  Robin Baxter.

Vive Chair:- Irene Walker.

Secretary:- Iain Duncan.

Treasurer:- Lyn Walker.

Councillors:- Alison Annandale, David DeAngelis, Douglas Gilbert, Brenda Lawrie & Stephen Younger.

Appointment of new councillor:- Mr. Kenneth Topping from Kincaple, had applied for the vacancy on the Council. His application was proposed I. Duncan and seconded by R. Baxter and approved by the Council. Mr. Baxter welcomed Mr. Topping to the Council.

Matters Arising from the last meeting:-

Open space at The Glebe:- work site will be cleared during the next few weeks.

Community Website:- The Chairman and Mr. Younger are continuing discussions on the proposed new layout for the diary page on the website. It was also proposed that a meeting be arranged with representatives of community groups in September, to consider widening the input for the website.

Tayplan consultation:-  Mrs. Irene Walker outlined her response on behalf of the Community Council. She felt that the housing area should be extended to cover a larger area of North East Fife and that Leuchars Junction should be highlighted as a travel hub. Mr. Baxter thanked Mrs. Walker for her work on this matter.          

Standing Items:-

Treasurer’s report:- No new funding initiatives had been received to date.

Policing:- No report.

Planning Applications:-

Application to form windows at 36 Church Road. No objections noted.

Application for planning permission in principle for mixed use development at land South West of Younger Gardens. St.Andrews. Part of this development is on land within the Strathkinness Community Council Area.

Village Infrastructure and traffic update:

Councillor B. Thomson updated councillors on various road related issues:-

School Keep Clear road text.- This project will be assessed in due course.

Village Speed sign :- no date firm date for final installation.

Strathkinness Lower Crossroads:- Current road speed limit has been assessed as appropriate. Recent crash statistics show no increase. Community Councillors questioned the detail that only 1 accident had been reported in 2015. At least 4 accidents have occurred during the past 4 months. Councillor Thomson would investigate the source of the accident rate. Pothole repairs and debris clearance at the location had been authorised.

Edenside to Strathkinness road:- Traffic speed assessment would be carried out on this route during the next few months. Mr. Topping highlighted the dangers experienced by pedestrians on this road where high grass verges made it difficult for anyone to get off the road to allow cars to pass safely.

 Long Term Projects:-

Magus Muir:- Mr. McArdle of Fife Council has confirmed that he is preparing his  draft disposal report  and is only awaiting the District Valuer’s valuation of the site to proceed to his final report for the elected Councillors. He reported that the National lottery, who had provided funding for the initial project, had agreed in principle to the transfer of the site and he awaited their formal acceptance.


Fife Council Customer Focus Project:- The Chairman and Secretary are to attend a community engagement meeting this summer . This is being convened by the Fife Council Development Management team.

Fife Council- Development Plan Scheme:- Seventh edition update.


Dog- fouling:-  Councillors noted that there appeared to be an increase in evidence of dog fouling in the village and again sought the help of residents and dog owners to eliminate the problem.

Skate board area:- Mrs. L.Walker wondered if a skate board park, similar to the one established at Kilrymonth School might be feasible at Bonfield Park.

Next meeting:- Will be on Wednesday 9th September 2015 in the Church Hall at 7.30pm