Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 13th May 2015 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- Mr. R. Baxter [Chair], Mrs A. Annandale, B. Lawrie, I. Walker, L. Walker, Messrs D. D’Angelis, D. Gilbert. Fife Councillors B. Thomson, K. McCartney

Apologies:-. Messrs I. Duncan, S. Younger.  Fife Councillors F. Melville, D. Morrison

Attending:- Mr K. Topping

Minutes of the last meeting :- Approved by D. D’Angelis and seconded by L. Walker.

Matters Arising:-

Open space at The Glebe:- Nothing new to report.  There was a reminder that the car parking will eventually become public parking once Fife Council adopts the roadway.

Community Website:- The Chairman tabled a new version of the What’s On Diary and this will be passed to S. Younger for further development.

Claremont Farm Wind Scheme:- No update but noting that Cameron Community Council is not supportive.

Green Belt:- Letter from Cameron Community Council indicating a request that a motion of censure be made on St Andrews Community Council by the appropriate authority.

Standing Items:-

Treasurer’s report:- The Treasurer indicated the current level of funds and members were invited to give thought to ideas on how to use some of this money on initiatives in the village.  Ideas would be discussed at the next meeting.

Police Report:- David Johnstone reported that there had been 10 calls to the police since March but that none had been of serious significance.  A number of speed warnings had been issued to drivers, especially on Main Street, during April.  David agreed to investigate the current position regarding Speed Watch and update K.Topping  prior to the next meeting as he was still willing to be the local co-ordinator. There was a further discussion on poor parking around the school and B. Thomson will raise a request for a ‘School Keep Clear’ painting on the road, with the Transportation Department of Fife Council. In addition the police will liaise that the headmaster to cascade information to those collecting children from school.

Planning Applications:-

15 Drumcarrow Crescent: There were unlikely to be any formal objections to the plans.

Village Infrastructure Update:

The poor state of the Low Road Junction was raised, particularly the road surface, debris remaining after accidents, profusion of signs interfering with sight lines and lack of Slow Down warning signs.

The market garden area on Bonfield Road was raised again asking Fife Councillors if they could intervene in any way.

Fibre Optic Broadband has been installed by Openreach.  In order for BT to activate this service individuals and local businesses wishing to subscribe to this accelerated Broadband service should register with BT Infinity. Villagers will be able to benefit from this infrastructure once demand is evident.

Long Term Projects:-

No update again on Magus Muir.

Traffic and Transportation Issues:-

The new speed warning sign has still not been re-located on Main Street.  The site meeting was held in January to convey location preferences.

The white line painting at The Hungry Horse Junction has been done.

The poor state of the section of road and verges from Denbrae to Craigtoun Park was raised.

Also, the speed of traffic passing the Kincaple junctions, and associated dangers were discussed.

In light of the various traffic related matters arising at this meeting, it was agreed to ask I .Duncan to write to Mr Stirling of Fife Council highlighting the concerns and seeking guidance on whether any speed restriction notices could be put in place at these locations.


TAYplan Strategic Development Plan: A period of consultation has begun seeking any representations by 3rd July.  I. Walker to respond as appropriate.

Letter of thanks received from Mr and Mrs Verner relating to a drainage problem on Sunnyside.


It was agreed to continue to meet on the second Wednesday of each month.

Youth Club AGM scheduled for 26th May.

It is possible that Fife Council will seek to obtain the land for the extension of car parking at Leuchars Railway Station, using a Compulsory Purchase Order..

Next meeting:- The A.G.M. will be on Wednesday 10th June 2015 in the Church Hall at 7.30pm