Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 8th April 2015 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:- :-  Mr.R.Baxter [Chair], Mrs. A. Annandale, B.Lawrie I. Walker, L.Walker,  Messrs. D.D’Angelis, I. Duncan, D. Gilbert & S Younger.

Apologies:-. Fife Cllrs. F. Melville, D.Morrison , B.Thomson  & K.McCartney

The Secretary intimated that the scheduled presentation on behalf of Avant Homes, by Steven Cooper of Geddes Consulting, had been cancelled at short notice due to the lack of progress in negotiations with Fife Council. Apologising for the late cancellation Mr.Cooper said that Geddes Consulting would advise the Community Council when further information becomes available.

Minutes of the last meeting :- Approved by I.Walker and seconded by D. D’Angelis.

Matters Arising:-

Open space at The Glebe:- The Secretary reported that, to date, he had no further news from Messrs. Headon on the next stage of the landscaping.

Community Website:- The Chairman reported that good progress had been made on this subject and thanks were due to Stephen Younger for his work on the draft diary page. It was agreed that using another form of software might give the page more impact and the Chairman would discuss this in some detail with Mr. Younger and report back next month.

Community Council vacancies:- Two local residents had expressed a wish to join the Council and It was agreed that they be invited to attend the next meeting to discuss co-option to the Council

Standing Items:-

Accounts:- Mrs. L.Walker reported no change to current funds.

 Planning:- The Secretary reported that there had been no new planning applications during the past month.

The Chairman reported that he had contacted Headon Developments to verify if there had been an alteration to the housing layout at North end of The Glebe. Mr. Mathie of Headons had confirmed that the layout of the final two houses had been reversed, after consultation with the Planning Authority.

Village infrastructure:- No further progress had been reported on the digital speed sign in Main Street.

Traffic and Transportation Issues:- No progress reported on the white lining at the Hungry Horse Junction. It was also noted that there had been another accident at the Lower Crossroads since the last meeting. Poor or worn out road markings need to be refurbished at the location.

Policing:-   P.C. Johnstone and WPC Peddie from the Community Policing Dept., attended the meeting to give an update on the latest policing activity in the village. Speed checking, during the past 4 weeks, had led to a number of motorists being prosecuted. Constable Johnstone reported that over 50% of the motorists, who were cautioned about speeding in the village,  were local residents. The Police were also monitoring the parking arrangements outside the primary school.

Magus Muir:- The Secretary had received no progress report  from Fife Council . Councillor McCartney was pursuing the matter and would be reporting in due course.

 Youth Club:- Mrs. Annandale reported that no further information was to hand regarding the proposed AGM.


Fife Council:- Planning. – Details of Fife Plan consultation documents had been received . Mrs. Irene Walker kindly offered to peruse them and report back to the Council at the next meeting.

Tayplan:- details of next consultation meeting to be held in Dundee in May.

Temporis Wind:- Details of proposed wind farm at Denork, which had been sent to both Strathkinness and Cameron Community Councils.

BT Payphones Planning Office:- Brochure outlining the possibilities open to communities to adopt  their local telephone kiosk. The secretary would make further enquiries.


Claremont Farm Wind Scheme:- A letter outlining the details of the proposed wind farm at Denork had been circulated to the Community Councillors for information and responses. This project is actually situated in the Cameron Community Council’s area but the close proximity to Strathkinness means that the developers are keen to create a community led scheme to spearhead the development. The developers have previously held meetings in Cameron and Strathkinness and are now providing more detail on the costs and rewards of the scheme. The consensus of Strathkinness Community Council was that the developers should canvas all households in both communities, with a prospectus for the project and a reply section, to allow anyone interested in investing in the project to register their interest. A steering group could then be formed from the interested parties to work with the developers to progress the project. The Secretary said that Cameron Community Council would be discussing the matter later this month.

St.Andrews Green Belt:- The Secretary noted that there had been a proposal at the last St.Andrews Community Council meeting to expand the boundary of the St.Andrews Community Council to take in the outer limits of the Green Belt. This would allow St.Andrews Community Council to become statutory consultees on planning matters relating to the Green Belt. The Secretary said that a meeting of representatives of local Community Councils had been convened by St.Andrews Community Council over a year ago and an outline proposal had been agreed to form a working party to consider the implications of any planning applications pertaining to the Green Belt. No further information had been forthcoming and he would take the matter up with the Secretary of St.Andrews Community Council.

Bonfield Road:- Mrs. Lyn Walker expressed her disappointment at the unkempt condition of the Market Garden area. She said that the collection of rubbish, old sinks, baths etc. was a terrible eyesore for neighbouring properties.

Next meeting:- Wednesday 13th May 2015, in the Church Hall at 7.30pm