Planning application-15/04130/PPP, Nydie Mains Road, Strathkinness.

Following the pre-determination hearing in respect of the above planning application and the subsequent review by North East Fife Councillors, our Community Council welcomed the recommended reduction from 76 houses to 66, although 56, the suggested number from Strathkinness Community Council, would clearly put even less stress on local services and the transport infrastructure.

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our continuing concerns about this application and its impact on our community, and ask that you incorporate them into your decision making process on 30th June.

Bonfield Park-The creation of an access road through the existing Bonfield Park carries absolutely no merit and should be withdrawn from the planning proposal on road safety grounds. Bonfield Park is a quiet cul de sac development of 36 houses. Why create a “rat run” when the  additional space afforded by the reduction in house numbers allows for road layout changes to the Nydie site to contain all vehicular movement within the new development land?

Pre-School & Primary School capacity- We have no pre-school facility at Strathkinness, the nearest being at Lawhead School in St.Andrews. It is at full capacity.  The Primary School is currently nearing capacity and with the amount of affordable housing in the new development it is reasonable to assume that the capacity would be exceeded very soon. Are these issues being fully addressed by the developer and the Education Department?

High Road junction with Main Street- This junction will become significantly busier as the new development becomes established. We seriously question that a simple re-aligning of the white lines at the junction will provide adequate road safety levels for the increased traffic flow.

Bonfield Road- Almost the entire southern boundary of the new development adjoins Bonfield Road. It is an un-adopted single carriageway with no footpath and total unsuitable for a pedestrian route for children to walk to the primary school.   We would ask that you make it a condition of planning approval that no vehicular or pedestrian access is allowed onto Bonfield Road during or after the development of the site.

Site Drainage- Properties on Bonfield Road have had a troubled history of surface water flooding. We are very concerned that the developers SUDS proposal for the site will provide sufficient flood protection for the existing properties where private drainage systems have proved inadequate.

The Community Council is not against sympathetic expansion of our village. However in our opinion a single 20% increase in houses upsets the overall balance of our village of 350 households.  To integrate such a single large increase it is imperative that the individual components such as road ways, traffic, education etc. do not significantly impact on the existing inhabitants of small communities such as ours.  

 We thank you for this opportunity to highlight our concerns and trust that we have aided your deliberations on the application.

Robin Baxter.


Strathkinness Community Council.