Minutes of Meeting held on Wed 13th January 2016 at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

Present:-Messrs. R.Baxter.[Chair], I. Duncan, D. Gilbert,  K.Topping & S. Younger . Mrs. I. Walker,A. Annandale, B.Lawrie & L.Walker.  Fife Councillors. F. Melville, K. McCartney, B. Thomson.

Apologies:- Mr. D. D’Angelis.  Councillor. D. Morrison.

Minutes of last meeting:- Approved by L.Walker and seconded by K. Topping..

Matters arising:-

Army Liason Committee- Leuchars Station:- Mrs. Elaine Gilbert had offered to represent the community on the Liason Committee. The Chairman was delighted to accept her offer on behalf of the Council.  

Standing items:-

Police Report:- Community Police Officer Crichton addressed the Council on the recent problems of traffic flow through the village during the flood closure of the A91. Significant delays and congestion had been experienced. Councillors expressed their hopes that a monitoring system could be established to ensure that HGVs do not try to use the High Road during the Guardbridge closure in February and March. The verges on the High Road had been severely damaged in places as larger vehicles passed each other during the recent A91 closure. Mr. Topping sought clarification on the status of the local Speedwatch Campaign. Officer Crichton reported that, during recent speed controls, 50% of the drivers stopped and warned for speeding had been Strathkinness residents. Mr. Baxter expressed the view that it might be necessary to establish temporary traffic lights at the upper crossroads if the traffic flow became very heavy. Councillors thanked Constable Crichton for his attendance.

Treasurer’s report:- The Treasurer reported that the bank balance was currently £1220.

Planning Applications:-Application to use part of garage workshop as an MOT bay at 15 Main Street, [EJ Cockburn & Sons had been granted.

Application for an extension at 22 Bonfield Road had been granted.

Village Infrastructure and traffic update:

Kincaple Traffic:- Fife Councillor B. Thomson was still awaiting a response re the request for concealed entrance warning sign at Kincaple from the roads Dept. He had no update on the C4 speed monitoring at Kincaple.

Flooding on Low Road - Fife Councillor B. Thomson was awaiting a response to his enquiry re  the flooding on the B939, at the entrance to Nether Strathkinness farm.

At this stage the 3 elected Fife Councillors left the meeting.

Avant Homes planning application at Bonfield/ High Road:- The Secretary reported that planning permission was being sought for 76 homes to be built on the landfill site on the High Road adjacent to Bonfield Playing Field. The Community Council has until 20th January to submit any comments on the application. The application was an amalgamation of the previously granted Fife Council application for 16 social housing units to be built as an extension to Bonfield Park and the old landfill site on the High Road. After discussion with Avant , Fife Council had decided to withdraw their application and allow the adjacent sites to be treated as one site. The 4 hectare Avant site had previously been designated by the planning authority as a site suitable for up to 50 houses.  3 objections had been submitted to the Planning Authority to date. After considerable and detailed discussion the Community Council agreed unanimously to object to the application for the following reasons:-  

The Council objects to the total number of 76 houses for the site. The density makes no allowance for green spaces. A reduction to the total of 50 houses previously suggested by the Planning Authority, added to the 16 affordable homes previously granted to Fife Council, would give an opportunity to create open spaces.

The Council would also point out that the adjacent football pitch/ open space, created by Fife Council in 1986, has never been drained. Subsequently, for much of the year, it is unfit for purpose due to the underlying soil conditions. A large section of the park remains uncut, as the mowers cannot gain safe access.

The Council objects to the Developer’s assessment of the impact of the increased housing on the Primary School roll. The current school roll is 86 [90.5% of the total capacity 95] not 80 as shown in the assessment. It would not be unreasonable to assume that the addition of 22 affordable homes [30% of the 76 applied for] to the village would attract sufficient young families to put the roll over capacity.

The Council has serious concerns about the road safety measures proposed for the increased traffic flow at the High Road crossroads. It fears that the proposed re-aligning of the white lines at the junction will not be sufficient to reduce the risk levels.

The Council notes that 2 pedestrian exits are proposed onto Bonfield Road. This narrow un-adopted road has continual drainage problems and no designated footpath for increased pedestrian traffic..

The Council feels that an increase of some 20% on the current village housing stock will have a major impact on this small village infrastructure and would ask Fife Council to consider what it would do to alleviate the impact on our community.


Mrs. Irene Walker highlighted the problems being caused by the large pot holes in the vicinity of the recycling area at Bonfield Park. She also noted that more stones appear to have been stolen from the boundary wall at the park.

Mrs. Lyn Walker reported that residents at Monksholm had experienced considerable traffic issues during the recent closure of the A91.

The Chair and the Vice Chair had been discussing with the Minister and the Session Clerk to see if the Community Council could assist in any way with the production of the Kirk & Community news sheet.

Next meeting:- Will be on Wednesday 10th February 2016 in the Church Hall at 7.30pm